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Roland TD-50DP Digital Upgrade Pack

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Drum Module with 14" Digital Snare Trigger Pad and 18" Digital Ride Cymbal Pad
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Take hold of the hottest new features of the Roland TD-50 V-Drums with this exclusive Music Experience bundle! Adding this module and these real-sized digital triggers to your existing e-drums will make your entire kit play like new. That's because Roland's TD-50 with Prismatic Sound Modeling engine is the most sophisticated, most expressive V-Drums brain to date. The same can be said of the multi-zoned digital 14" snare pad and 18" ride pad. Give your kit a complete makeover and bring your performances into the modern age with this Music Experience Roland TD-50 bundle!

Build your dream kit with Roland's Prismatic Sound Modeling engine

V-Drums are the undisputed kings of digital drum shaping. And with the TD-50's Prismatic Sound Modeling engine, you can expect nuance and realism like never before. Every onboard kit is crafted to sound great without tweaks. But for those times when you need a custom kit for a particular performance, Prismatic Sound Modeling has you covered. You have control over each drum shell's thickness and overtones. Each cymbal's size and thickness. You can even control virtual mic placement to dial in the right amount of natural ambience. Once you've found your sound, sweeten your kick, snare, or toms with 30 types of built-in FX, including smooth multiband compression and saturation.

    14" digital snare plays like the real thing

    The heart of any modern drum kit, acoustic or electronic, is the snare drum. So it makes sense that the TD-50K should include a snare pad that's as sophisticated as its sound module: the 14" Roland PD-140DS. Eight sensors across the head and rim accurately translate your performance to your V-Drums brain. This means fat backbeats, cutting rimshots, delicate ghost notes and brush sweeps, and natural cross-sticks that connect every time. And because of its 14" diameter, the Roland PD-140DS transitions seamlessly between your acoustic kit and back. Particular about your tuning? So are we at Music Experience. Fortunately, the PD-140DS's 8-lug design and 3-ply mesh head make it easy to dial in whatever level of tightness or sponginess you desire.

    18" digital ride is Roland's most convincing V-Cymbal yet

    Electronic cymbals have a reputation for being utilitarian - a means to end. But the Roland CY-18DR invites players to bring their acoustic touch back to their eKit. This 18" V-Cymbal sways and plays like a real cymbal. Multiple sensors across the playing surface eliminate the feeling of zones - distinct edge, bow, and bell tones melt into one another seamlessly. And the Roland CY-18DR's multi-touch technology not only lets you choke crash attacks with your hand, but also even soften cymbal attacks with a finger's touch. If you have trouble getting the full emotion of a performance to translate through traditional eCymbals, Music Experience recommends putting the Roland CY-18DR V-Cymbal digital ride through its paces. You won't be disappointed.

    What Roland Says...

    Introducing the TD-50DP Digital Upgrade Pack for Roland V-Drums. Take the latest TD-50 Sound Module, along with the PD-140DS Digital Snare and CY-18DR Digital Ride, and add them to your existing V-Drums kit for supreme playability and unmatched expression. Featuring an advanced processor and newly developed Prismatic Sound Modeling, the TD-50 module delivers Roland’s most impressive and wide-ranging sounds yet. In addition to traditional analogue trigger inputs, the module also has all-new digital trigger inputs for high-speed communication with the multi-element sensor systems of the PD-140DS snare and CY-18DR ride pads. Meanwhile, deep editing features and flexible connectivity put you in charge. With peerless sound quality, response, and expression, the TD-50 Digital Upgrade Pack lets you use your current V-Drums kit to access to the latest pro standard in electronic drums.

    Upgrade Your Current V-Drums Kit to the Latest Pro Standard

    Creating your perfect drum set-up takes time, and not every drummer wants to start the journey again with a brand-new kit. The TD-50DP Digital Upgrade Pack allows V-Drums past and present to be upgraded; whether you’re currently playing a TD-30, TD-20X, TD-20 or even the original TD-10 generation of V-Drums. Upgrading your module, snare and ride cymbal with the TD-50DP pack gives you brand-new sounds, the ability to add you own WAV samples, the lowest latency, and the advanced playability of the latest digital multi-sensor triggering bringing your V-Drums setup right up-to-date. If your current V-Pads and V-Cymbals have a ¼ inch stereo jack connection, your existing pad set-up will work seamlessly with the TD-50DP. In fact, almost any generation of V-Drums can get a new lease of life with the TD-50DP Digital Upgrade Pack.

    Dynamic Prismatic Sound Modeling Brings Your Drumming to Life

    Great drummers demand great performance, and the brand new TD-50 module is the heart of the drum set —a powerful new sound module whose original Prismatic Sound Modeling technology means that every element of your playing style is caught and conveyed in thrilling detail. Working alongside the TD-50DP’s newly developed snare and ride cymbal pads—which feature our most advanced trigger-sensing technology yet—the TD-50’s high-resolution processing gives you the most lifelike, resonant, and expressive sounds you’ll hear from an electronic kit.

    Customize Your Sound for Live Sessions and Studio Work

    A variety of musical scenarios are no problem with the TD-50, which offers a choice of onboard kits to suit every session. This advanced module also supports deep sound customization, including basic adjustment of heads and shells, layering of internal and user samples, and adjustment of overhead mics and ambience. For tailored performance, a compressor and three-band EQ can be controlled for each pad individually, while three independent multi-effect sections let you treat specific drums with 30 effect types such as delay, flanger, saturator, and many others. The two-band multi-compressor and four-band equalizer on the output let you change the overall dynamics and tonal balance, depending on whether you’re in the studio or on stage. And with the new Snapshot feature, you can quickly assess and compare any edits to your sounds before making permanent changes.

    Play Genuine Snare Techniques with the New 14-inch PD-140DS

    Working alongside the TD-50 sound module is the PD-140DS Digital Snare pad, which brings a new level of expression to your snare work. A brand-new, three-layer mesh head is fitted to a standard size 14-inch shell, providing natural rebound and feel that’s instantly familiar to play. And now, thanks to Roland’s newly developed multi-element sensor system, your strokes across every area of the pad are more closely detected, and your playing dynamics captured in minute detail. In addition, traditional cross stick technique is automatically detected as the pad senses your hand and adjusts accordingly. With the unmatched response of the PD-140DS, every snare nuance is natural, detailed, and bursting with character.

    Express Yourself with the New CY-18DR Ride

    Cymbal choice is a serious business, and the new TD-50DP includes the new CY-18DR Digital Ride. Expressive players will benefit from the 18-inch size and familiar motion during performance. Meanwhile, the high-resolution, multi-sensor system within the cymbal pad continuously detects every stroke from edge to bell, working alongside the TD-50 module for dynamics and response that have never before been heard from a cymbal pad. Put the CY-18DR through its paces with techniques from cymbal legato to soft bell strokes and hear the detail for yourself. You can even mute the bow with a finger touch!

    Play with Your Own WAV Files and Record Easily to a DAW

    As a creative drummer, you’ll love the TD-50’s open-ended connectivity, which lets inspiration flow in both directions. Using the module’s SD card slot, it’s easy to trigger your own WAV files using any Roland drum pads connected to the module, and you can loop or layer them alongside the internal sounds while controlling volume and tone via the TD-50’s front panel. When you write a great groove, simply connect the TD-50 module to a computer via USB for multi-track recording direct to your favorite DAW. Up to 10 channels can be recorded separately, then easily edited for tone color and more. There’s even a choice of audio sampling formats: 48 kHz, 96 kHz, and the standard 44.1kHz.

    Hit the Stage Faster with Balanced Connections to a PA

    If you play live every night, the TD-50DP will help avoid the time and effort of a lengthy setup. The TD-50 is the first V-Drums module to feature an XLR stereo master out and eight TRS direct outs, allowing for a balanced connection to a PA system. Assigning a pad to any of the individual outputs is simple, while convenient master/headphones volume controls and group faders balance the output levels instantly. You can also assign the volume to control headphones only, perfect for adjusting the monitor level without affecting the PA signal.

    Roland TD50 Module & Digital Snare/Ride Trigger Pack Features:

    • The hottest features of the latest V-Drums in an exclusive Music Experience bundle
    • Treat your kit to a virtual makeover
    • Includes the latest Roland digital triggers
    • 8-sensor PD-140DS snare trigger picks up meaty backbeats, delicate grace notes, and accurate buzzes and flams
    • 5-sensor CY-18DR ride trigger offers distinct edge, bow, and bell tones without the feeling of zones
    • Prismatic Sound Modeling engine is the new standard in electronic kit shaping
    • All-new kit sounds to inspire great performances
    • Adjust each drum's shell depth and overtones virtually
    • Control each cymbal's size and thickness
    • Tailor room response with adjustable virtual overhead mics
    • Send any of 30 onboard FX to individual drums and cymbal — EQ, reverb, saturation, multiband compression, EQ, delay, etc.
    • Import custom drum libraries with SDHC cards
    • Practice along to loops or click tracks, then save sessions via SDHC
    • USB multitracking — record 10 channels of multitrack audio to Mac or PC at 96kHz
    • Snapshot lets you A/B kit changes before you commit to them
    • MIDI in/out captures performances and lets you changes kits later
    • 1/4" and 1/8" headphone outputs
    • 1/8" aux input lets you jam along to your phone or laptop
    • 3 digital trigger inputs
    • 16 analog trigger inputs: 6 drums, 6 cymbals, 4 aux
    • 8 balanced 1/4" direct outs for individual treatment and level control
    • Send pre-mixed audio via balanced stereo XLR or unbalanced stereo 1/4"

              Included Snare/Tom Pads 14" PD-140DS Snare
              Included Cymbal Pads 18" CY-18DR Ride Cymbal
              Included Drum Module TD-50 Drum module
              Number of Drum Kits 100
              Number of Instruments Over 400
              Effects 5 x Reverbs, 25 x Rooms, compressor, master EQ
              Module Trigger Inputs 14 x 1/4" (hi-hat & ride use 2 inputs)
              Module Analog Inputs 1 x 1/4" TRS (mix in), 1 x 1/8" TRS (mix in)
              Module Analog Outputs 2 x XLR (master out), 2 x 1/4" (master out), 8 x 1/4" (direct out), 1 x 1/4" (headphones), 1 x 1/8" (headphones)
              Module MIDI I/O In, Out/Thru
              USB 1 x Type B (to host), 3 x Type A (trigger in)
              Manufacturer Part Number TD-50DP