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Roland VAD307 V-Drums Acoustic Design 5-Piece Electronic Drum Kit

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5-piece Wood Shell Electronic Drum Set with 12" Snare, 18" Kick, 10/10/12" Toms, 2x 12" Crash Cymbals, 14" Ride Cymbal, 12" Hi-Hats, and Gen 2 TD-17 Sound Module (bass drum pedal, hihat stand & snare stand not included)
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Traditional looks, authentic acoustic response, and unlimited sonic possibilities: Roland’s VAD hybrid drum sets meet at the crossroads of natural feel and electronic versatility! Real wooden shells with tunable mesh heads capture the lively feedback of an acoustic drum, with a customizable response that’s easily tuned to your personal playing preferences. Next, a flexible array of multi-zone V-Cymbals are thinned down from previous generations to provide enhanced expressive potential. However, the biggest update of all is the Second Generation TD-17 sound module, now loaded up with 70 kits, 26 pre-loaded samples, and an entire library of sound-shaping tools. If you’re after a compact electronic drum set that excels equally onstage, in the studio, or simply in the practice room, Roland’s VAD drums are the kits to beat! Note: This kit does not include snare stand, kick pedal, or hi-hat stand. Make sure to call Music Experience to get your VAD307 Kitted out with all the necessary hardware.

Roland V–Drums Acoustic Design VAD307 at a Glance:

  • Space-saving V-Drums Acoustic Design kit with shallow-depth wood shells and upgraded double-braced chrome stands
  • Updated TD-17 sound module with new kits, expanded effects, compression/reverb sections, and rich, dynamic, and natural drum sounds
  • 12-inch PDA120LS-BK snare, two 10-inch PDA100L-BK rack toms, 12-inch PDA120L-BK rack tom, and 18-inch KD-180L-BK kick with custom chrome hardware and black wraps
  • 12-inch VH-10 V-Hi-Hat with natural motion and open/closed detection
  • Two 12-inch CY-12C-T crash cymbals and one 14-inch CY-14R-T ride cymbal with thin profiles for natural feel and realistic movement
  • Hands-on interface for selecting and personalizing drum sounds
  • Onboard Bluetooth® for drumming with music from a smartphone or laptop
  • Built-in practice functions for developing drumming skills
  • Expand your range with sounds, samples, and other creative content at Roland Cloud

    A library of studio-quality kits

    No matter what style you’re after, the TD-17’s updated array of 70 premium-quality kits have you covered! The second generation of the TD-17 boasts a re-vamped sound engine, in addition to 10 brand-new preset kits. Moreover, these kits feature 26 built-in samples that can be added to your custom kits, offering a whole new level of percussion personalization. From metal blast beats to EDM grooves to dry recording kits, the TD-17 is loaded with versatile sounds for any genre, and you can even upload your own sounds as WAV files via SD/HC card to craft the kit of your dreams. Moreover, each and every sound can be fine-tuned with the TD-17’s impressive processing and effects engine with snare tension, compression, EQ, reverb, and many more sonic sculpting tools.

    Bluetooth MIDI and song streaming

    The TD-17’s built-in Bluetooth transceiver is sure to elevate your practice and recording sessions. Music can be streamed directly from your device to the module, allowing you to practice with your favorite grooves and fills. Plus, if you’re in a creative mood, the TD-17’s Bluetooth functionality can also send your beats wirelessly as MIDI notes, capturing your inspiration for later. Finally, audio/MIDI over USB and a standard 5-pin MIDI output are available for musicians who prefer the old-school reliability of a cord connection.

    Enhanced Roland Cloud support

    Looking for some fresh new sounds? The Second Generation TD-17’s enhanced Roland Cloud integration makes it a breeze to expand your tonal toolbox with Roland’s vast library of studio-quality sounds and samples. Even better, Roland Cloud gives you access to a myriad of signature artist kits, putting the sonic power of the world’s top drummers in your hands!

    Compact wood shells, tunable mesh head

    Nothing looks and plays like a wood drum. The VAD307's streamlined wood shells and tunable mesh heads supply the feel of your favorite acoustic kit, all with an easy-to-control acoustic output that's easy to control onstage or in a residential setting. Shells come decked out in a classic black gloss wrap and feature chrome hardware for an unmistakable look from the platform or in the studio.

    What's Included with the Roland VAD306:

    • Second Generation TD-17 drum module
    • 12-inch PDA120LS-BK snare drum
    • 10-inch PDA100L-BK rack toms (x2)
    • 12-inch PDA120L-BK rack tom
    • 18-inch KD-180L-BK bass drum
    • 12-inch VH-10 V-Hi-Hat
    • 12-inch CY-12C-T crash cymbals (x2)
    • 14-inch CY-14R-T ride cymbal
    • Black wrapped finish with custom chrome hardware

    What Roland Says...

    The VAD307 is purposefully compact while maintaining the distinctive V-Drums Acoustic Design aesthetic. The footprint is the same as a mid-level V-Drums set, making it ideal for home use and tight stages. Cutdown shallow shells save space and weight—but from the playing position, they feel instantly familiar to any drummer. Double-braced stands with tom mounts and cymbal boom arms complete the layout and enhance the acoustic theme. The updated TD-17 module provides all the acoustic tone and playability you could ask for, enhanced with more preset kits, expanded effects, and Roland Cloud support. The VAD307 also features newly developed thin crash and ride cymbals with natural feel and swinging motion, plus flagship-grade stands for rock-solid performance.

    Powerful Sound and Realistic Expression

    At the heart of the VAD307 is the TD-17 module. It features a vast collection of vintage and modern drums, cymbals, and percussion, all sampled in ultra-high audio detail with every possible velocity and head strike captured. Roland’s unique Prismatic Sound Modeling is married with these samples to deliver complex, true-to-life tonal range and smooth dynamic transitions between hits. The result is an experience that doesn’t just sound faithfully acoustic—it behaves acoustically too.

    TD-17 Sound Module: Updated and Enhanced

    With the latest update, the TD-17 module is more powerful than ever. Choose from 70 versatile preset kits developed by pro drummers, including 10 all-new kits and 26 pre-loaded samples that you can use in your custom kits. Reverb and Kit Comp effects have also been added, along with 11 more MFX types for shaping drum tones. And with integrated support for Roland Cloud content, you can expand your playing experience with a growing selection of sounds, samples, and custom kits from top V-Drums artists..

    Create (and Craft) Your Signature Drum Kit

    The VAD307’s preset kits come ready to play, but it’s easy to dive deeper and build your ultimate drum setup. Think of the module as a huge warehouse of drums and cymbals from different eras, which you can mix and match in any combination. After that, swap the heads, change the tuning, add muffling, and even change the virtual space you’re playing in. Take things even further by loading your own samples and combining them with onboard instruments, crafting personalized kits that no other drummer can claim.

    Larger Pads and a Wider Playing Spread

    Acoustic drums are usually bigger than electronic drum pads. The size of each drum adds to the overall experience, not just visually but also in stick feel and physical layout. The VAD307 features a 12-inch snare and floor tom, two 10-inch rack toms, and an 18-inch kick to create a naturally wide spread for maximum playing comfort. The shells are made of wood too, enhancing the authentic acoustic feel under the sticks and beater.

    The Natural Feel of Acoustic Drums

    Roland’s legendary multi-ply, tension-adjustable mesh heads contribute significantly to the authentic playing feel, giving you stick rebound that’s customizable for your playing style. And when you bury the beater into the specially designed kick drum, you physically move air inside the shell, creating air pressure and resistance that feels remarkably like playing an acoustic kick.

    Shallow Shells, Deeper Performance

    While the shallow-depth tom and kick shells in the VAD307 kit save space and weight, they don’t scrimp on performance. Each drum features custom sensors engineered to provide natural response and premium feel in an amazingly compact size.

    Slimmer, Low-Profile Cymbals

    The VAD307 features cymbals with much thinner profiles than previous generations, offering more natural movement and improved stick feel. And each cymbal can be choked simply by grabbing the edge—just like a real acoustic cymbal. The 14-inch CY-14R-T ride cymbal even includes three-way triggering with independent sounds for the edge, bow, and bell.

    Double-Braced Chrome Drum Stands

    The way acoustic drums and cymbals are mounted not only projects a classic image—it also influences the playing feel. The tom pads mount on the same stands used for acoustic toms, so they feel just right when they’re hit. And every stand is double braced for rock-solid stability and easily adjusted to suit your preferred layout.

    Bluetooth Audio Streaming

    Built-in Bluetooth lets you wirelessly stream audio from a phone or laptop to the module—ideal for jamming with headphones. Play along with backing tracks and your favorite bands, or mix the sound from a YouTube lesson video with the kit. You can even record your performances—with or without backing—to hear where you need to tighten things up

    Your Personal Onboard Drum Coach

    Coach mode supports your daily practice sessions, complete with progress tracking that makes learning effective and rewarding. Play through warm-ups, develop your sense of groove, tempo, and timing, and even work on your stamina—all with a score that highlights your progress and motivates you to improve.

    Fast-Track Your Progress with Melodics for V-Drums

    Melodics™ for V-Drums—a free application for macOS and Windows—features a curated set of drum lessons to develop your sense of rhythm, timing, and muscle memory. Subscribers can access additional premium content that includes over 70 lessons, with more added each week.

    Download Extra Kits from Roland Cloud

    You’re not just limited to the preset kits inside the TD-17 module. Explore an ever-growing range of artist kits at Roland Cloud, including signature setups from pro drummers like Anika Nilles, Craig Blundell, Kaz Rodriguez, and more. Once you have a free Roland Cloud account, just download the kits that appeal to you and dig in.

    Roland V–Drums Acoustic Design VAD307 5-piece Electronic Drum Kit Features:

    • Blends the look and response of a traditional kit with groundbreaking V-Drums electronics
    • Makes a strong impression onstage or in the studio
    • Shallow wood shells outfitted with Roland's legendary tunable mesh heads
    • Multi-zone V-Cymbals serve up lifelike expression and dynamics
    • Powerful TD-17 drum module gives you 70 full drum sets with 10 completely new kits
    • Prismatic Sound Modeling technology lets you tune, muffle, size, and process any piece in your kit
    • Reverb, compression, and EQ allow you to effortlessly achieve a studio-quality drum sound
    • Stream audio from your device via the built-in Bluetooth transceiver
    • Free Melodics software allows you to develop your playing and timing
    • Download new sounds, samples, and signature artist kits from Roland Cloud

            Total Number of Pads 5 x drum pads, 4 x cymbal pads
            Included Snare/Tom Pads 12" PDA120LS Snare, 2 x 10" PDA100L Toms, 1 x 12" PDA120L Tom
            Included Kick Pads 18" KD-180L Kick Drum with Trigger Pad
            Included Cymbal Pads 12" VH-10 Hi-hat, 2 x 12" CY-12C Crash, 1 x 14" CY-14R Ride
            Hybrid Acoustic/Electric Yes
            Shells Included 3 x Rack Toms, 1 x Snare, 1 x Bass Drum
            Included Drum Module TD17 Module
            Number of Drum Kits 50 Preset, 50 User (310 Instruments)
            Effects Ambience, 3-band EQ, Tuning, Muffling, Snare Buzz, Strainer, 30 x Multi-effect
            Module Trigger Inputs 2 x 1/4" (crash 2, aux), 1 x DB-25
            Module Analog Inputs 1 x 1/8" (mix in)
            Module Analog Outputs 2 x 1/4" (master out)
            Module MIDI I/O Out/USB/Bluetooth
            Other I/O Bluetooth 4.2 (audio streaming/MIDI
            Headphones 1 x 1/4"
            Storage SD/SDHC Card Slot (WAV files)
            Included Hardware DTS330 Hardware Kit
            Manufacturer Part Number VAD307