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Roland VAD504 V-Drums Acoustic Design 4-Piece Electronic Drum Kit

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4-piece Wood Shell Electronic Drum Set with 14" Snare, 10" Rack Tom, 14" Floor Tom, 20" Kick, 14" Hi-hat, 18" Ride, 14" Crash, and Gen 2 TD-27 Sound Module - Midnight Sparkle
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Traditional looks, authentic acoustic response, and unlimited sonic possibilities: Roland’s VAD hybrid drum sets meet at the crossroads of natural feel and electronic versatility! Real wooden shells with tunable mesh heads capture the lively feedback of an acoustic drum, with a customizable response that’s easily tuned to your personal playing preferences. Next, a flexible array of multi-zone V-Cymbals are thinned down from previous generations to provide enhanced expressive potential. However, what truly takes the VAD504 to the next generation is the updated TD-27 sound module, now loaded up with 75 kits and an entire library of sound-shaping tools. If you’re after an electronic drum set that excels equally onstage, in the studio, or simply in the practice room, then Roland’s VAD drums are the kits to beat! Note: This kit does not include snare stand, kick pedal, or hi-hat stand. Make sure to call Music Experience to get your VAD504 Kitted out with all the necessary hardware.

Roland V–Drums Acoustic Design VAD504 at a Glance:

  • Four-piece V-Drums Acoustic Design kit with full-size wood shells and upgraded double-braced chrome stands
  • Updated TD-27 sound module with enhanced features and advanced Prismatic Sound Modeling derived from the flagship TD-50X
  • 14-inch PD-140DS digital snare, 12-inch VH-14D digital hi-hat, and 18-inch CY-18DR digital ride cymbal with high-resolution, multi-sensor triggering for unparalleled dynamics and accurate positional detection
  • 10-inch PDA100-MS rack tom, 14-inch PDA140F-MS floor tom, and 20-inch KD-200-MS kick with custom chrome hardware and Midnight Sparkle wraps
  • 14-inch CY-14C-T crash with thin profile
  • Drum in inspiring sound spaces with PureAcoustic Ambience Technology
  • Hands-on interface for quick-and-easy sound selection and editing
  • Import your own WAV samples via an SD card
  • Stereo mix output and two assignable outputs for sending individual drum sounds to a PA mixer
  • Integrated 28-channel USB audio interface for professional computer music production
  • Three auxiliary trigger inputs for easy kit expansion
  • Onboard Bluetooth® for drumming with music from a smartphone or laptop
  • Built-in practice functions for developing drumming skills

Powerful Prismatic Sound Modeling

Just like Roland’s top-of-the-line TD-50 sound module, the TD-27 is powered by Roland’s cutting-edge Prismatic Sound Modeling. This system’s exceptionally deep editing capabilities allow you to shape and tune just about every facet of your kit, from the shell’s tone and tuning to cymbal size and articulation. Moreover, Prismatic Sound Modeling features virtual mic placement to dial in liveliness and room ambience — there’s even a library of new effects including roomy reverb, compression, and more to effortlessly capture a studio-quality sound!

PureAcoustic Ambience Technology

Apart from your shells, one other sonic component shapes every element of your kit’s tone: the room. In the past, electronic kits could sometimes have the feeling of playing in a vacuum, which is why Roland developed their innovative PureAcoustic Ambience Technology to create a natural and immersive foundation for your eDrum sound. PureAcoustic imbues every strike of the set with life-like roominess to take your kit’s tone to a whole new level of realism.

10 all-new kits

Generation Two of the TD-27 amps up the sonic versatility, delivering a vast array of 75 preset kits developed with professional drummers. 10 of these kits are all-new to the TD-27, and many of the legacy kits were fine-tuned and tweaked by Roland, sounding better than ever before! As if that wasn’t enough, improved integration with Roland Cloud makes it a breeze to download fresh new kits from Roland’s ever-expanding library, including many signature artist sets that put the power of the world’s top players directly into your hands.

Craft a custom kit

In addition to the vast collection of preset drum kits, the TD-27 allows you to import your own WAV sounds via SD card to build your own personal instrument or integrate a specific sample into a preset kit. From lo-fi percussion samples to full-length audio loops, the TD-27’s customization possibilities are truly endless!

Simplify your recording setup

If you’re building up a home studio, an electronic drum kit is just about the easiest way to lay down your drum tracks — no mics, interface, or excessive noise required! The TD-27 outputs a whopping 28 channels of multitrack audio to your DAW via a single USB cable for near-silent recording of studio-quality beats. Plus, the TD-27 can be rigged up as a USB MIDI interface, allowing you to re-track or trigger parts using virtual instruments in your DAW. Lastly, the stereo mix output and two assignable outputs are a must-have feature for performing musicians who regularly hook up their set to a PA mixer.

Expand your potential

While the VAD504 comes with just about everything a drummer could ever want, we more than understand the never-ending need to tinker and build upon your setup. Fortunately, Roland includes three extra auxiliary trigger inputs on the TD-27 sound module to further upgrade your kit!

Bluetooth MIDI and song streaming 

The TD-27’s built-in Bluetooth transceiver is sure to elevate your practice and recording sessions. Music can be streamed directly from your device to the module, allowing you to practice with your favorite grooves and fills.

14-inch digital snare plays like the real deal

The VAD504's snare drum is sophisticated as its sound module. Eight sensors across the 4.3-inch x 14-inch Roland PD-140DS's head and rim accurately translate your performance into the electronic realm. This means fat backbeats, cutting rimshots, delicate ghost notes, brush sweeps, and natural cross-sticks that connect every time. And because of its 14-inch diameter, the Roland PD-140DS transitions seamlessly between your acoustic kit and back. Particular about your tuning? So are we at Music Experience. Fortunately, the PD-140DS's 8-lug design and 3-ply mesh head make it easy to dial in whatever level of tightness or sponginess you desire.

Top-of-the line VH-14D hi-hat

The crown jewel of the VAD504’s impressive set of pads is the VH-14D, a 14-inch pad that sets the standard for acoustic-like realism. A two-piece design, open/closed resolution, and touch-sensitive multi-sensor system delivers unmatched expression potential, tracking every subtlety of your stick’s strike. Foot splashes sound better than ever, and you can even mute the cymbal with a quick grab — just like a real cymbal! It might not be made out of bronze, but you’d be hard-pressed to tell the VH-14D apart from the real thing.

18-inch digital ride is Roland's most convincing

18-inch digital ride is Roland's most convincing V-Cymbal yet Electronic cymbals have a reputation for being utilitarian — a means to end. But the Roland CY-18DR invites players to bring their acoustic touch back to their eKit. This 18-inch V-Cymbal sways and plays like a real cymbal. Multiple sensors across the playing surface eliminate the feeling of zones; distinct edge, bow, and bell tones melt into one another seamlessly. And the Roland CY-18DR's multi-touch technology not only lets you choke crash attacks with your hand, but also even soften cymbal attacks with a finger's touch. If you have trouble getting the full emotion of a performance to translate through traditional eCymbals, Music Experience recommends putting the Roland CY-18DR V-Cymbal digital ride through its paces. You won't be disappointed.

Thinned-down CY-14C-T crash cymbal

This generation of Roland V-Drums features a thinner, more sensitive CY-14C-T crash cymbal. In addition to its new low profile, this cymbal offers a choke control that functions just like a traditional cymbal — just grab the edge! A dual-trigger design is designed with sensors on both the bow and edge for a wide variety of configuration options.

Full-size wood shells, tuneable mesh heads

Nothing looks and plays like a wood drum. The VAD504's full-sized wood shells and tuneable mesh heads supply the feel of your favorite acoustic kit, all with an easy-to-control acoustic output that's easy to control onstage or in a residential setting. Shells come decked out in a premium Roland Midnight Sparkle wrap and feature chrome hardware for an unmistakable look from the platform or in the studio.

What's Included with the Roland VAD504:

  • Second Generation TD-27 Sound Module
  • 14-inch PD-140DS snare
  • 14-inch VH14D hi-hat
  • 18-inch CY-18DR ride
  • 14-inch CY-14C-T crash
  • 10-inch PDA100-MS Rack rack tom
  • 14-inch PDA140F-MS floor tom
  • 20-inch KD-200-MS kick
  • DBS-30 drum boom stand
  • DCS-30 drum combination stand

What Roland Says...

When you need the glamour and presence of a full acoustic drum set on stage—but with the convenience and control of electronic drums—the VAD504 is the perfect solution. This premium “one-up, one-down” kit features wood shells with full depth and diameter, covered with attractive wraps and mounted on double-braced chrome stands. Roland’s advanced digital sensor technology and dynamic TD-27 drum module provide the sound and response to match, with every stroke, ghost note, roll, and swell expressed in incredible detail. Building on the previous VAD503 model, the VAD504 adds a digital hi-hat for even greater expression, plus heavy-duty cymbal stands inherited from the flagship VAD706. The TD-27 module has also been updated, bringing you new kits and samples, expanded processing options, and more.

TD-27KV2 and VAD 5 Series Overview

The updated TD-27 sound module has enhanced features and advanced Prismatic Sound Modeling from the flagship TD-50X. Rock with 75 ready-to-play preset kits, including 10 all-new kits and a variety of new samples, effects, and processing capabilities.

An Immersive Acoustic Drumming Experience

With the impressive looks, familiar layout, and inspiring playability of a high-end acoustic kit, the VAD504 makes any drummer feel instantly at home. There’s a 14-inch stainless steel snare, 10-inch rack tom, 14-inch floor tom, and 20-inch kick constructed with full-depth wood shells, adding to the authenticity and providing genuine acoustic feel under the sticks and beater. A full complement of cymbals includes a 14-inch V-Hi-Hat, 14-inch crash (with thin profile and textured finish), and an 18-inch ride for superior playability and natural appearance on stage.

Digital Snare, Ride, and Hi-Hat

Roland’s groundbreaking digital pad technology is a major leap forward in electronic drumming, putting unmatched depth and dimension under your sticks. Precision multi-sensors in the snare, ride, and hi-hat pads work in harmony with the TD-27 module to capture every nuance with incredible definition and detail. Lightning-fast detection lets you play all your natural acoustic techniques, such as muting the ride with a finger touch or switching seamlessly between head, rimshot, and cross stick playing on the snare. And the VH-14D takes the electronic hi-hat to new heights with unparalleled touch sensitivity, tonal variation, and open/closed resolution.

The Natural Feel of Acoustic Drums

Roland’s legendary multi-ply, tension-adjustable mesh heads contribute significantly to the authentic playing feel, giving you stick rebound that’s customizable for your playing style. And when you bury the beater into the specially designed kick drum, you physically move air inside the shell, creating air pressure and resistance that feels remarkably like playing an acoustic kick.

Go Deeper with Prismatic Sound Modeling

Derived from the flagship TD-50X, the TD-27 sound module is filled with drums that live and breathe like acoustic instruments. We start by sampling the finest drums, percussion, and cymbals—both vintage and modern—in world-class recording studios. Roland’s unique Prismatic Sound Modeling is then applied to the samples, bringing them alive with proprietary behavior modeling refined over two decades. Every time you strike a drum or cymbal, you’re not simply triggering a canned sound—you’re playing a full-bodied instrument that responds like its acoustic counterpart in every way, putting unprecedented sonic range at your command.

TD-27 Module: More Sounds, More Power

The updated TD-27 module features 75 preset kits, including 10 all-new kits and newly enhanced versions of the three most popular kits from the original release. New pre-loaded samples are available for combining with preset kits or your own custom setups. Layering features have been expanded, while parallel compression options and transient shaping enhancements provide even greater sound control. The module interface has also been improved for faster sound creation.

Create (and Craft) Your Signature Drum Kit

With acoustic drums, you make the sound your own by swapping head types, adjusting the tuning, applying damping, tweaking the snare wire tension, changing the kick beater, and more. This is all possible with the TD-27 module, allowing you to craft customized kits for any situation. Just strike a pad to select it and use the hands-on controls and intuitive editing tools to get the sound just how you like it. Your edits are saved automatically too, so you always stay focused on playing. It’s even possible to load your own samples and layer them with the internal sounds to personalize kits even more.

Double-Braced Chrome Drum Stands

The VAD504 comes equipped with the same heavy-duty stands as the flagship VAD706, delivering high-end performance and genuine acoustic feel. The tom pads mount just like acoustic toms—so they feel just right when they’re hit. Newly developed thin V-Cymbals attach with a special pivot mount for natural acoustic swing and stick feel. And every stand is double braced for rock-solid stability and easily adjusted to suit your preferred layout.

Advanced Sound Processing Options

Use PureAcoustic Ambience Technology to create an incredibly natural and immersive sound field when playing. And go deeper by adjusting individual drums mics and the stereo overheads, just as you would with an acoustic kit. Advanced onboard multi-effects and mixing capabilities give you the power of a full-scale studio console, with transient processing, parametric EQs, compressors, reverbs, delays, and more at your command.

Powerful Connectivity for Stage and Studio

The VAD504 delivers fantastic sound for live performance or recording, thanks to a wealth of connectivity options. The TD-27 module features stereo outputs for the overall drum sound, plus two direct outputs for sending kick, snare, and other sounds to an audio console for independent mixing. In the studio, the built-in USB audio interface makes computer music production easy, with up to 28 audio channels available over a single cable. MIDI is also supported via USB and dedicated I/O, allowing you to sync with other MIDI devices and trigger sounds in computer software.

Kit Expansion Made Easy

With the VAD504, you’re not stuck with a static setup. Using the TD-27 module’s three auxiliary trigger inputs, it’s easy to add tom and cymbal pads to bolster your arsenal. Or you may go for maximum impact with an imposing double-kick setup. Whatever you’re thinking, the auxiliary trigger inputs are the gateway to your ideal drum setup.

Bluetooth Audio Streaming

Built-in Bluetooth lets you wirelessly stream audio from a phone or laptop to the module—ideal for jamming with headphones. Play along with backing tracks and your favorite bands, or mix the sound from a YouTube lesson video with the kit. You can even record your performances—with or without backing—to hear where you need to tighten things up.

Your Personal Onboard Drum Coach

Coach mode supports your daily practice sessions, complete with progress tracking that makes learning effective and rewarding. Play through warm-ups, develop your sense of groove, tempo, and timing, and even work on your stamina—all with a score that highlights your progress and motivates you to improve.

Fast-Track Your Progress with Melodics for V-Drums 

Melodics™ for V-Drums—a free application for macOS and Windows—features a curated set of drum lessons to develop your sense of rhythm, timing, and muscle memory. Subscribers can access additional premium content that includes over 70 lessons, with more added each week.

Roland V–Drums Acoustic Design VAD504 4-piece Electronic Drum Kit Features:

  • Updated TD-27 Sound Module loaded with 75 kits
  • Prismatic Sound Modeling lets you tweak tone, tuning, muffling, and more
  • PureAcoustic Ambience Technology creates lifelike soundstages through virtual microphone placement
  • Intuitive hands-on module interface
  • 8-sensor PD-140DS snare trigger picks up meaty backbeats, delicate grace notes, and accurate buzzes and flams
  • 5-sensor CY-18DR ride trigger offers distinct edge, bow, and bell tones without the feeling of zones
  • Thinned-down CY-14C-T crash cymbal unlocks enhanced expression capabilities
  • Top-of-the-line VH-14D 2-piece hi-hat
  • Full-depth PDA100-MS rack tom, KD-200MS kick, and PDA140F floor tom deliver the feel and response of a traditional acoustic shell
  • Tunable mesh heads to dial in your sound
  • Importable .WAV files over SDHC card
  • Audio over USB — export 28 simultaneous drum tracks to your computer over a single cable
  • MIDI over USB — capture your performance in flawless detail and shape with virtual instruments
  • 3 additional analog trigger inputs let you expand your kit down the line
  • Free Melodics software allows you to develop your playing and timing
  • Download new sounds, samples, and signature artist kits from Roland Cloud
  • Coach mode provides daily practice tools and progress tracking to sharpen up your chops
  • Road-ready DBS-30 drum boom stand and DCS-30 drum combination stand

          Total Number of Pads 4 x drum pads, 3 x cymbal pads
          Included Snare/Tom Pads 14" PD-140DS Snare, 10" PDA100-MS Tom, 14" PDA140F-MS Tom
          Included Kick Pads 20" KD-200-MS Kick
          Included Cymbal Pads 14" VH-14D Hi-hat, 14" CY-14C Crash, 18" CY-18DR Ride
          Hybrid Acoustic/Electric Yes
          Shells Included 1 x Rack Tom, 1 x Snare, 1 x Floor Tom, 1 x Bass Drum
          Included Drum Module TD27 Module
          Number of Drum Kits 55 presets, 45 user
          Number of Instruments 728
          Effects Ambience, 3-band EQ, Tuning, Muffling, Snare Buzz, Strainer, 30 x Multi-effect
          Module Trigger Inputs 1 x DB-25, 3 x USB Type A, 3 x 1/4" (aux), 1 x 1/4" (crash)
          Module Analog Inputs 1 x 1/4" (mix in)
          Module Analog Outputs
          2 x 1/4" (L/mono,R), 2 x 1/4" (direct out)
          1 x 1/4"
          Module MIDI I/O In, Out/Thru, USB
          Other I/O 1 x 1/4" (footswitch)
          1 x Type B
          Storage SD/SDHC Card Slot (WAV files)
          Included Hardware DTS311 Hardware Kit
          Manufacturer Part Number VAD504