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Samson DE10X Omnidirectional Headset Microphone

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Headworn Omnidirectional Mini Condenser Mic with Omni Polar Pattern, Detachable Cable, Four Cables for Wireless Connection, and Cable Clip - Tan
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The Samson DE10x is the ideal headset mic for presenters, educators, and worship leaders. This extra low-profile, omnidirectional headset microphone features a micro-miniature condenser mic capsule that picks up your voice and reproduces it with incredible fidelity. In addition, the DE10x comes with four adapter cables that let you connect to your favorite wireless systems — a feature headset mic users here at Music Experience really appreciate.

Comfortable headworn mic

The DE10x microphone's 3mm capsule provides outstanding audio reproduction, making it perfect for presentation, fitness and other vocal applications. The dual-ear design helps keep this mic in place even during energetic performance. Thanks to the omnidirectional pickup pattern, the DE10x's off-axis frequency response is linear, resulting in a clear and articulate sound reproduction, regardless of the position of the capsule relative to the sound source.

Designed for even the most demanding performances

The DE10x is specially treated with a water-resistant coating, providing extra protection from sweat and other moisture. A built-in moisture-guard drip ring further protects the capsule and ensure reliable performance. When your performances demand the most from you, it's imperative that you have a mic you can count on in any situation.

Wireless connection options

The DE10x is particularly well suited for use with Samson wireless systems. And with four included cables that terminate to different wireless connectors, the microphone can be used with most any other manufacturer's wireless beltpack systems. The DE10x kit also includes a clothing cable clip, detachable cable, and windscreens.

    What Samson Says...

    The Samson DE10x is a low-profile, omnidirectional headset microphone with a miniature condenser mic capsule. It provides outstanding audio reproduction, as well as a comfortable and discreet design, that's perfect for a variety of live and broadcast vocal applications. And with four adapter cables included, the DE10x can be used with most popular wireless systems.

    Mic Essentials

    With an omnidirectional pickup pattern, the DE10x's 3mm miniature mic capsule captures sound evenly in all directions with no proximity effect or off-axis coloration. The result is clear and articulate vocal reproduction regardless of the position of the capsule to the sound source. The DE10x features a low-profile, double ear headset design with an easily adjustable frame and mic boom. This allows for a secure and comfortable fit, as well as optimal mic placement, for any user.

    Well Adapted

    The DE10x comes with four detachable microphone cables with 1/8" (3.5mm), Hirose® 4-Pin, Switchcraft® TA3F and Switchcraft® TA4F adapters respectively. This makes the DE10x well suited for use with Samson wireless systems (TA3F), as well as most other popular wireless systems. The DE10x is also bundled with four windscreens for reducing wind noise and P-pops, a collar clip for unobtrusive wire placement and a protective carry case.

    Fit For Fitness

    The DE10x features a gold-plated connector, moisture-resistant coating and stainless steel mesh grille, all contributing to an IP65 rating for being dust and water/sweat-resistant. This makes the headset ideal for fitness instructors and active performers.

    Samson DE10x Headworn Mini Condenser Microphone Features:

    • Headworn omnidirectional condenser microphone for public address or performance
    • Micro-miniature condenser with 3mm capsule reproduces stellar vocal fidelity
    • Wide frequency response range of 20Hz-20kHz
    • Omnidirectional pickup pattern, off-axis linear frequency response keeps out unwanted peripheral noise
    • Moisture-resistant coating keeps out sweat and water
    • Adjustable drip ring helps protect mic element from sweat

            Microphone Type
            Sennheiser EW, Shure ULX, Samson, Audio Technica
            Sennheiser1/8", AT Hirose 4-pin, Samson TA3, Shure TA4
            Polar Pattern
            Frequency Response
            Max SPL
            120dB SPL
            Signal to Noise Ratio
            Output Impedance
            2000 ohms
            Cable Length
            3.9 ft.
            Manufacturer Part Number