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TC Electronic Ditto X4 Looper

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Looper Pedal with Dual Loop Tracks, Sync and Serial Loop Modes, Decay Control, 7 Loop Effects, MIDI Sync, and Stereo I/O
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The original TC Electronic Ditto Looper is one of the most popular and simple looper pedals ever released. It's certainly been a big hit with gigging guitarists here at Music Experience. The Ditto X4 builds on everything that made the original Ditto great by expanding to two footswitchable loop tracks for greater phrasal diversity, sync and serial loop modes with adjustable decay, and 7 onboard loop effects to keep the creative juices flowing onstage and in the studio. MIDI sync lets you start/stop recording and switch loops in perfect time with a backing track or tempo map for seamless transitions. Stereo I/O gives you lots of setup flexibility. Store, play back, and manipulate five minutes of 24-bit audio with the TC Electronic Ditto X4.

TC Electronic Ditto Looper X4 Looper Pedal with Effects at a Glance:

  • Simple controls let you create spectacular live performances
  • Onboard looping effects let you create cool atmospheres
  • USB connection lets you pass tracks to and from your computer

    Simple controls let you create spectacular live performances

    The thing that made the original Ditto Looper such a widespread success was just how easy it was to use. Instead of requiring some elaborate, multi-switch tap dance to start and stop loops, all of its basic commands such as record, overdub, start, and stop could be controlled via a single footswitch. The Ditto X4 provides the same straightforward operation fans of the original will love, with new features that make this upgrade worth the investment.

    Onboard looping effects let you create cool atmospheres

    Chop and screw your loops with the Ditto's seven onboard effects modes, which include half-speed playback, reverse playback, fade, and more. These effects help you to create more interesting musical atmospheres and craft new sonic textures. A decay control lets you define how much (if any) your loops fade with each regeneration, allowing you to endlessly build on top of an idea without muddying a mix.

    USB connection lets you pass tracks to and from your computer

    The TC Electronic Ditto X4 lets you pass loops and backing tracks to and from your computer via USB. This is useful for learning new songs, jamming along to your favorite tracks, eliminating the need for a looper, and cueing up tracks for live performances. TC collaborated with JamTrackCentral to provide you with a whole library of usable backing tracks to get you started. The Ditto X4's stereo ins and outs can take full advantage of any tracks you import.

    What TC Electronic Says...

    Ditto X4 Looper is the pedal that'll let you turn a single moment in time into something truly spectacular. By perfectly merging ease of use with stellar creative features like dual loop tracks, 7 loop FX, loop decay and MIDI sync, Ditto X4 Looper will instantly become the canvas on which you paint your multi-layered sonic masterpieces. If you can dream it, you can loop it!

    Still Simple, Still Mind-Blowing

    Even though Ditto X4 Looper basically offers endless creative possibilities, it still honors the core principle of our famed Ditto Looper. Simplicity! No drum-machines, no deep-editing menus or other time consuming tech-nonsense, only immediate unfiltered fun. So all you have to think about is - What will you create today?

    Loop De Loop

    If you thought that having one loop track was fun, then wait until you try running two interweaving and perfectly synced tracks at once. It will blow you away! Run a 4 bar percussive beat in loop 1 and a 16 bar chord progression with endless layers of ambient textures underneath in loop 2, or simply have your verse and chorus set up in each track and seamlessly switch between them for an unforgettable on-stage performance. You're the aural architect, and with Ditto X4 Looper you'll finally have the tool to realize the sonic wonders inside your head.

    FX On The Fly

    Imagine this: You got a cool dual loop going, and you can see the crowd is loving it. Out of the blue you engage the Hold FX for a cool rhythmic stutter. The crowd is baffled. Then you reverse your loop and throw them into an otherworldly trance. Finally you hit that Tape Stop FX for a unique jaw-dropping finish to your piece. You look up. The crowd is dumbstruck and smoke is rising from their heads, 'cause you literally just blew their minds! This scenario (which may or may not have happened) just scratches the surface of what can be done with the 7 on-board FX. Now throw loop decay and external MIDI control into the mix, and you have a pedal that will continue to inspire you for years to come.

      TC Electronic Ditto Looper X4 Looper Pedal with Effects Features:

      • The next generation of the Ditto Looper pedal
      • Built by guitarists for guitarists
      • 1-button operation makes live looping simple
      • Samples up to 5 minutes of 24-bit audio with unlimited overdubbing
      • 2 loop tracks to keep ideas flowing
      • Sync and serial loop modes for greater creative options
      • 7 loop effects for creating new musical atmospheres
      • Decay knob lets you control degeneration time as you add new loops
      • MIDI sync lets you record and switch loops in perfect time to music
      • Stereo I/O gives you extensive routing options
      • USB connectivity lets you send backing tracks and loops to and from your computer
      • Includes an extensive backing track library from JamTrackCentral
      • True-bypass switching preserves your tone when not in use
      • Power supply included
      Simple looping meets new creative options in the TC Electronic Ditto X4!

            Pedal Type Looper
            Total Looping Time 5 minutes
            Inputs 2 x 1/4" (left, right / dual mono)
            Outputs 2 x 1/4" (left, right / dual mono)
            MIDI I/O In/Thru
            USB Yes
            Height 2.2"
            Depth 5.7"
            Width 9.3"
            Power Supply Included Yes, 9V DC power supply
            Manufacturer Part Number 960805005