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TC Electronic Flashback 2 X4 Delay & Looper

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Delay and Looper Pedal with 3 MASH Switches, 10 Delay Types, 10 Note Subdivisions, 6 TonePrint Slots, Tap Tempo, 40-second Looper, and Stereo I/O
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Flashback 2 X4 is the latest iteration of TC Electronic’s flagship delay pedal. It features 10 delay types, including TC’s new Crystal delay, and hyper-realistic Analog and Tape emulations. Craft all kinds of interesting rhythmic delay patterns, thanks to a dedicated Tap switch and 10 preset note subdivisions. Enjoy touch-sensitive expression control, courtesy of three MASH footswitches. You also get six TonePrint slots and up to six stored presets for rapid, easy recall. Want to create spellbinding layered performances? Flashback 2 X4’s built-in 40-second looper makes it easy — and fun! What’s more, expression pedal and MIDI inputs enable remote preset changes and external MIDI synchronization. Flashback 2 X4 includes Analog-Dry-Through circuitry to preserve your analog tone, along with stereo I/O for creating expansive soundscapes. If you enjoyed its predecessor, you’ll the many player-friendly features included with Flashback 2 X4.

TC Electronic Flashback 2 X4 Delay & Looper Pedal at a Glance:

  • The latest iteration of TC Electronic’s flagship delay pedal
  • 10 delay types including the Crystal delay from the compact Flashback 2 pedal
  • 10 preset note subdivisions, plus 1 custom setting
  • Dedicated Tap switch keeps your delay effects right on the beat
  • 3 MASH footswitches put expression control under your foot
  • 6 TonePrint slots give you instant access to custom presets made by top guitarists
  • Preset bank switch supplies easy access to up to 6 stored presets
  • 40-second looper with footswitches for Record, Play/Pause, Play Once, and Undo/Redo
  • Expression pedal and MIDI inputs enable remote preset changes and external MIDI synchronization
  • Analog-Dry-Through circuitry preserves your analog tone
  • Stereo I/O allows you to create expansive soundscapes

    Loaded with tone-shaping tools

    Flashback 2 X4 includes a dedicated Tap switch to keep your delay effects right on the beat — hands free. You can select from 10 preset note subdivisions, plus one custom setting, which are independent from Flashback 2 X4’s 10 delay types. The way this delay pedal handles your dry signal is also unique, giving it an all-analog path that blends with the effected signal. On top of all these great features, Flashback 2 X4 also includes TC Electronic's TonePrint technology, which allows you to download custom delay styles made by some of today's top guitarists.

      6 TonePrint slots to customize your delay

      TonePrint-enabled pedals such as TC Electronic’s Flashback 2 X4 allow you to use the TonePrint app to download custom-designed artist presets. You can also use the TonePrint editor software to create your own custom settings. Flashback 2 X4 allows you to load up six different TonePrint presets simultaneously for more flexibility onstage. When you need instant access to your tone, just choose one of the six TonePrints you've loaded and away you go.

      3 MASH footswitches for expressive effects

      Three innovative MASH footswitches give Flashback 2 X4 amazing creative potential. In addition to instant toggling between delay sounds, these pressure-sensitive footswitches can be used in a similar fashion to an expression pedal. Use them to swell the delay mix, bring modulation to the repeats, and even increase the feedback amount. Or assign other parameters to the MASH footswitches for even more sonic creativity. The guitarists here at Music Experience appreciate the level of creative expression Flashback 2 X4’s MASH footswitches provide.

      What TC Electronic Says...

      Awesome delays are part of our DNA here at TC Electronic. It’s something we take very seriously. So, when it comes to making flagship delay pedals, you know we’re swinging for the fences. With the power of 4 FLASHBACK 2’s and an expanded interface that offers 3 MASH switches, tap tempo, 6 slots for storing artist or custom TonePrints in 2 banks with 3 presets each, FLASHBACK 2 X4 is our most powerful delay machine ever.

      Open Delay Buffet

      FLASHBACK 2 X4 features a colorful palette of studio-grade delays, including the all-new and improved Analog and Tape delay algorithms, which set a new standard in realism. Our hauntingly, lush Crystal algorithm, developed around our proprietary polyphonic octave algorithm from our lauded SUB ‘N’ UP Octaver, creates an other-worldly shimmer that is as inspiring – as it is spine-tingling! Plus, we’ve added a brand-new dual delay algorithm with two individual engines for intertwining 2 echo lines at the same time – for epic Gilmour-esque soundscapes. FLASHBACK 2 X4 is even backwards compatible, which means you can still use the original FLASHBACK presets you know and love.

      Tapper's Delight

      When your creative juices are really flowing, and you’ve got gallons of hot adrenaline rushing through your fingertips, you need the ability to adjust your settings quickly and dynamically. FLASHBACK 2 X4’s dedicated tap tempo switch lets you stomp out any time signature you want for airtight echoes that right on the beat. There’s even a convenient global tempo mode that lets you sync up all of your delay presets in about 2 seconds.

      Preset Paradise

      Once you get into the deep magic of delay tones, you won’t want to limit yourself. FLASHBACK 2 X4 lets you link a preset to each of the 3 MASH switches for fast and easy toggling between tonescapes. A nifty little mini-switch lets you toggle between preset banks 1 and 2 for a total of 6 sumptuous delay presets on speed dial. Holding down the Tap footswitch lets you switch banks mid-song for an instant change of echo.

      Making it Personal

      Look we get it – TonePrints are addictive. When you can customize your effects in minutiae, going back to predetermined settings can be hard. That’s why we’ve expanded the X4 design to hold a whopping 6 TonePrint slots, giving you the freedom to fill up your preset bank account with your own range of fine-tuned, unique delay tones. And since there’s a modulation engine in FLASHBACK 2 X4, you can even make a dedicated chorus or flanger TonePrint if you like. Go ahead – make this pedal your own!

      Thrice the MASHing Capacity!

      We’re crazy about the MASH footswitch and its sonic possibilities! As the flagship of our delay pedal range, it seems only fitting that we decked out FLASHBACK 2 X4 with no less than 3 MASH switches. Each footswitch holds a delay preset and the ability to control 3 parameters at once by varying your foot pressure on the switch.

      Cross T's & Dotting Eighth Notes

      Whether you like your delay for subtle slap backs, thickening that heroic spandex solo, or for a full-out fusillade of fiery echoes that pulsate to the beat – FLASHBACK 2 X4’s got what you need. You can even have them all programmed next to each other as presets. With 11 subdivisions including a custom setting you can dial on yourself, Flashback 2 X4 makes it easy and convenient to achieve any kind of delay effect you can imagine.

      True to Tone

      You love tone, so do we, and our design philosophy testifies to that. So whatever route you wanna go, we got your back. With optimized headroom, True Bypass or Buffered Bypass switch and Kill-Dry on/off, this pedal guarantees optimal tonal integrity and zero loss of tone. And, no matter if the pedal is on or off your precious dry sound is always passed through the pedal unharmed in all it’s pure analog glory due to an Analog-Dry-Through.


      TonePrint means signature effects – and signature effects means truly creative tones. From classic innovators to the guys shaping the future of music, we’ve asked the coolest artists around to come up with their customized signature version of a TC Electronic effect – and make them available to you for free!


      Download the free TonePrint app for Android and iPhone, choose the TonePrint you want to hear and beam it instantly from your phone through your guitar’s pickup into your TonePrint pedal. No cables needed!

      Your Vision, Your Sound!

      Music is the truest expression of self – that’s why it is your right to have your effect sound the way YOU want it to, no holds barred. With the TonePrint Editor you have full control over all effects parameters – so you can create your own signature TC sound.

        TC Electronic Flashback 2 X4 Delay & Looper Pedal Features:

        • Legendary delay pedal with 3 pressure-sensitive footswitches, new algorithms and 6 presets
        • 3 footswitches with MASH let you toggle between delay sounds instantly
        • New pristine Crystal algorithm along with hyper-realistic Analog and Tape algorithms
        • Preset bank switch lets you easily access up to 6 stored delay presets
        • 10 quality delay types plus 6 TonePrint slots that let you store effects and artist TonePrints
        • Dedicated tap tempo switch keeps your delay effects right on the beat
        • MASH footswitches give you powerful effect-specific real-time parameter contro
        • Subdivision knob with 11 tempo settings for a wealth of rhythmic delay possibilities
        • Craft delays and customize MASH functionality with free TonePrint App (PC, Mac*, iPhone*, Android* and iPad*)
        • Analog-Dry-Through maintains integrity of analog dry signal path when delay is on
        • Expression pedal and MIDI inputs control parameters and preset changes remotely and lock delays to external MIDI tempo
        • 40 second looper with footswitches for Record, Play/Pause, Play Once and Undo/Redo for total creative freedom
        • 3-Year Warranty Program*
        • Designed and engineered in Denmark

              Pedal Type Delay, Looper
              Analog/Digital Digital
              Presets 10 x Delays, 6 x TonePrint Preset Slots, 11 x Subdivision Tempo Presets
              Effects Tape, 2290, Crystal, Dynamic, Analog, Lo-Fi, Reverse, Ping Pong
              Looping Time 40 seconds
              Inputs 2 x 1/4" (mono/stereo)
              Outputs 2 x 1/4" (mono/stereo)
              MIDI I/O In/Thru
              Other I/O 1 x 1/4" TRS (expression pedal)
              USB 1 x Type Mini-B (TonePrint)
              Bypass Switching Switchable: True Bypass, Buffered
              Features 3 x Pressure-sensitive MASH Switches, Beam TonePrints to Pedal (iOS/Android)
              Software TonePrint App (iOS, Android)
              Power Source 9V DC 300mA power supply (included)
              Height 2.2"
              Width 9.3"
              Depth 5.7"
              Weight 2.9 lbs.
              Manufacturer Part Number Flashback 2 X4