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Universal Audio Flow Vintage Tremolo

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Tremolo Guitar Effects Pedal with 3 Tremolo Voices, Tube Preamp Emulation, and Tap Tempo
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Taking its cue from Universal Audio’s Astra Modulation machine, the UAFX Flow vintage tremolo pedal delivers a vintage-tinged trio of tube-style tremolo effects. This pedal packages Universal Audio’s world-renowned digital algorithm technology into a compact enclosure, providing guitarists with the instantly gratifying feel of a traditional 3-knob stompbox. Flow offers two classic tube-driven tremolo algorithms, from the funky brown-panel magic of Dharma to the choppy optical tremolo of 65. In addition, Flow also sports a bold square-wave trem built from the ground up by UA that utilizes virtual optical photocell technology. Moreover, as the Flow’s sonic inspiration hails from history’s most sought-after tube amps, this pedal also boasts spot-on emulation of a tube preamp section's rich and character-filled voice. You also get a tap tempo function for effortless rhythmic synchronization. Tap into history’s most legendary tube-based tremolo circuits with Universal Audio’s Flow!

Capture the tone of tube-driven tremolo royalty

The Flow Vintage Tremolo expands on Universal Audio’s Astra Modulation Machine with two new tremolo circuits, adding up to three immaculately modeled tube-driven tremolo options.

  • Dharma: Inspired by the brown-panel amplifiers of the late 1950s and early ’60s, Dharma’s utterly unique formula of volume fluctuation and phase shifting is considered by many guitarists to be one the finest tremolos ever created. Dharma delivers a funkier, chewier sound than a standard tremolo circuit purely based on volume — it’s a natural fit for soulful vintage R&B tones and swampy rock tunes.
  • 65: The tremolo circuit by which all others are judged, the choppy sound of 65 is likely the first sound most guitarists think of when they hear the word tremolo. This setting comes straight from the Astra, and it is based on the legendary black-panel amplifiers of the mid-1960s. 65 is by far the most versatile tone Flow offers, making it a must-have for any tremolo fanatic’s sonic toolbox.
  • Square: Lastly, Square is a wholly unique creation based on virtual optical photocell technology. This setting offers a distinctive hard-edged attack that makes it particularly suited to players who prefer a driving, rhythmic tremolo. From old-school rockers to modern pop producers, Music Experience guitarists of all styles found Square to be a refreshing and versatile take on traditional tube tremolo.

The power of the studio on your pedalboard

Universal Audio’s legacy lies in the studio, and that fact often shines through its pedals’ predilection for diverse and complex sonic sculpting possibilities. Frankly, few pedals can match the sheer depth of UAFX designs, but sometimes, a slightly more straightforward design can be preferable. Universal Audio’s scaled-down UAFX pedals pack the same studio-grade sound as their bigger brothers — often with the same algorithms — but with an intuitive knob-per-function design that’s just at home on the stage as it is in the studio.

What Universal Audio Says...

Evolved from our flagship Astra Modulation Machine, Flow Vintage Tremolo gives you three flavors of tube-driven wiggle and shake — from old school to modern — in a dapper, compact package.

  • Get three stunning emulations of legendary tube amp tremolo effects, from opto to harmonic
  • Sync your trem with tap tempo and add boost effects with Volume control
  • Explore rich, authentic tones and effects with perfectly emulated tube preamp section
  • Rely on timeless UA craftsmanship, built for years of rock-solid performance

Dharma: Experience

Thick Harmonic Tremolo Immerse yourself in the chewy throb of early '60s American "brown" amps, and add a syrupy mix of volume fluctuation and phase shifting — far beyond the original circuit — that's perfect for vintage soul, surf, and even Uni-Vibe textures.

65: Indulge in Perfect Tube Amp Tremolo

Play through an exhaustive end-to-end emulation of a classic 1965 American tube amp's optical tremolo circuit, and get the pulsating shimmer of the most famous "vibrato" ever created. Sounds just like your favorite old record.

Square: Add Modern, Choppy Textures

Built from the ground up using our own virtual optical photocell, get the rippling beauty of square waveforms and dive into rhythmic trem effects that enhance any genre, from modern pop and R&B to blues and indie rock.

Get the Authentic Tone of a Tube Preamp

Flow gives you the warm, complex sounds of a tube preamp — in this case from early and mid-'60s American combos — so your tremolo effects are more present, three-dimensional, and musical.

Paint the Town with a Rugged, Compact Stompbox

Built for years of trustworthy performance, Flow Vintage Tremolo gives you switchable true/trails bypass, tap tempo, and "make up gain" Volume control to ensure your tremolo effects are heard loud and proud for years to come.

Universal Audio Flow Vintage Tremolo Features:

  • Offers 3 immaculately crafted tremolo algorithms inspired by classic tube-driven trem tone
  • Dharma delivers the lush, chewy tremolo tone of a vintage brown-panel amplifier
  • 65 comes from UA’s Astra Modulation machine, providing you with the de facto standard trem sound found on vintage black-panel tube amplifiers
  • Built from the ground up by Universal Audio, Square offers a hard-edged and rhythmic spin on tube tremolo
  • Built-in modeling of a tube preamp section for enhanced warmth and harmonic richness
  • Compact pedal format with an incredibly intuitive 3-knob control scheme
  • Tap tempo available to quickly dial in your trem’s speed
  • USB-C input for easy firmware updates

    Pedal Type Tremolo
    Analog/Digital Digital
    Effects Harmonic, Tube, Square
    Features Switchable Tap Tempo
    Inputs 1 x 1/4" TS
    Outputs 1 x 1/4" TS
    USB 1 x USB-C (firmware updates)
    True Bypass Yes, switchable to Trails mode
    Software UAFX Control mobile app
    Power Supply 9V DC (250mA) power supply (sold separately)
    Height 2.29"
    Width 2.58"
    Depth 4.75"
    Weight 0.65 lbs.
    Manufacturer Part Number GPS-FLOW 819937003905