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Vox MV50 Rock 50-watt Hybrid Tube Head

Availability: 1 in stock
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50-watt 1-channel Hybrid Guitar Amplifier Head with Cab-emulated Line/Headphone Out and Controls for Volume, Tone, and Gain
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The Vox MV50 Rock mini electric guitar amplifier head ushers in a new level of professional-quality tones and convenience for guitarists chasing the gritty tones of rock 'n' roll. The MV50 Rock utilizes a Nutube in the preamp section for true tube performance, sound, and feel. But the kicker is that it does it all in a package that weighs just over a pound and fits in the palm of your hand. If you're looking for a tone that goes from gritty and raunchy to all-out high gain, the MV50 Rock is the mini guitar head of your dreams.

      True rock tone

      Crank up the Vox MV50 Rock mini electric guitar amplifier head, and you'll immediately feel the power and punch that only a 50-watt amp aimed at overdriven rock 'n' roll can deliver. The amp's simple 3-control layout is very intuitive while being able to pull up vintage-style crunch and searing high gain with equal ease. Whether you want the old-school sound of a cranked British stack or the tight, modern tones of today's metal, check out the Vox MV50 Rock.

      Nutube technology

      In a world of great-sounding digital options, it's always refreshing to find groundbreaking technology that still adheres to the "tubes are better" mentality. Vox knows this as well as any amplifier company and has been integrating real tube tone into their digital and analog amps for years. The MV50 Rock 50-watt mini electric guitar amplifier head follows suit with a Nutube located in its preamp section. This delivers the punchy feel and rich overtones you'd expect from anything bearing the Vox logo. These MV50 amplifiers are definitely creating a buzz around Music Experience.

      Conveniently small footprint

      For an electric guitar amplifier head that pushes 50 watts of power, the Vox MV50 Rock is about as small as they come. By utilizing their Nutube technology and a Class D power section, Vox is able to cram enough power and tone into this amp to power any electric guitar speaker cabinet, even at performance volumes. Not gigging lately? The cab-emulated line/headphone output sounds fantastic for practice, at-home playing, and recording. And Vox puts it all into an amp head that comes in at just a touch over a pound.

      Vox MV50 Rock Mini Electric Guitar Amplifier Head Features:

      • 50-watt mini guitar amplifier with real tube tone
      • Unbelievably small and lightweight
      • Nutube technology supplies a true tube-amp performance
      • Class D power section keeps the weight down while pushing plenty of power
      • Easily drives any type of guitar speaker cabinet
      • Weighs a little over 1 lb.

              Type Solid State amp with Korg Nutube
              Number of Channels 1
              Total Power 50W @ 4 ohms Class D
              Inputs 1 x 1/4" (instrument)
              Outputs 1 x 1/4" (speaker out), 1 x 1/4" (headphones/line)
              EQ Tone control
              Preamp Tubes 6P1 Nutube
              Power Supply 19V DC power supply (included)
              Height 2.9"
              Width 5.3"
              Depth 3.9"
              Weight 1.32 lbs.
              Manufacturer Part Number MC50CR