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Way Huge Saffron Squeeze Compressor Pedal WHE103

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The Saffron Squeeze Compressor MkII serves up the same thick, dripping tones as the original, but now it has Gain, Tone, and Attack controls for fine-tuning your compressed sound.
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Way Huge didn't just revive the classic Saffron Squeeze compressor pedal, they brought it back with a cool new tweaks that make it more useful than ever. Guitarists at Music Experience are absolutely stoked about the tight and focused sound this pedal offers to a wide range of guitar-playing styles. In addition to the original Volume and Sustain controls, the revised Saffron Squeeze provides Gain, Tone, and Attack controls, which allow you to dial in every aspect of your guitar's sonic character. When it comes to dialing in superior dynamics no matter how you play, turn to the Way Huge Saffron Squeeze pedal.

        What Way Huge Says...

        The Way Huge laboratory has resurrected the Saffron Squeeze Compressor, and it came back from the other side with a few new quirks! The MkII has all of the love honey sustain and dripping compression of its predecessor, but now you can shape and mold it just the way you like it. In addition to the MkI's Volume and Sustain controls, this revitalized rascal now has a Gain control to set the input gain level, a Tone control to cut post-compression high-end, and an Attack control to set the compressor's reaction speed. The Way Huge Saffron Squeeze Compressor MkII is TLC for your tone.

        Way Huge Saffron Squeeze Compressor Pedal Features:

        • A reissue/revision of the original Saffron Squeeze compressor pedal
        • Classic Volume and Sustain controls make dialing in basic compression easy
        • Gain control lets you hit the compressor harder without affecting the volume
        • Attack control makes it easy to smooth out or punch up your dynamics
        • Tone control offers post-compression high-end rolloff if desired

              Get the smooth dynamics control you need with the Way Huge Saffron Squeeze compressor pedal!

                      Pedal Type Compressor
                      Inputs 1 x 1/4"
                      Outputs 1 x 1/4"
                      Manufacturer Part Number WHE103