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Yamaha Arius YDP-105R Digital Home Piano - Rosewood

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88-key Digital Piano with Graded Hammer Keyboard, 3 Pedals, and Bench - Rosewood
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For an authentic piano experience with a taste of modern advancement, the Yamaha Arius YDP-105R has everything you’re looking for. New players and seasoned composers alike will enjoy the realistic key response, by virtue of the YDP-105R's Graded Hammer Action (GHS) keybed, while other features like AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) sampling supply you with rich-sounding voices that resonate beautifully from the YDP-105R's high-quality built-in speakers. Beyond the keyboard, you can even connect to the Smart Pianist app, allowing you to experiment with control over different functions and analyzing chord structures in your favorite songs!

          Yamaha Arius YDP-105 Digital Home Piano at a Glance:

          • 10 Voices, 10 Songs
          • AMW Stereo Sampling
          • GHS keyboard with matte black keytops
          • Volume Limiter
          • Built-in stereo amplifier (6 W x 2)
          • Built-in stereo speaker system (12 cm x 2)
          • Smart Pianist app compatibility – featuring intuitive operation and score viewing

          Traditional upright-piano look makes a striking first impression

          Before you even get your hands on the the Yamaha Arius YDP-105R, you'll be stunned by its richly-finished rosewood cabinet and elegant appointments. These give the Arius an inviting acoustic allure that won't look out of place in a living room, teaching studio, recital hall, or house of worship. Includes a matching rosewood bench for a traditional look.

          GHS graded hammer action plays more like an acoustic piano

          Music Experience keyboardists have been impressed with the Arius piano's Graded Hammer Action (GHS) keybeds. This feature gives the Yamaha Arius YDP-105R a realistic key response that's heavier in the bass side and lighter on the top end. Matte black keytops absorb sweat and moisture to keep fingers from slipping through extended periods of use. Though not quite as realistic feeling as the higher-end Ariuses, the YDP-105R does a great job for students and weekenders

          AWM sampling and built-in speaker system for realistic grand piano sound

          Yamaha's AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) sampling employs digital technology to record an instrument's sound, and then applies a high-quality digital filter to the recorded samples. Using pairs of waveforms captured by two microphones for Left and Right, AWM Stereo Sampling creates a deeper, richer and more spacious soundstage. You'll also appreciate the Arius YDP-105R's built-in speaker system. Just turn it on and you can start performing — there's no need to connect any other gear. That makes the YDP-105R the perfect transition from an acoustic instrument to the benefits of a digital one.

          Playability features that keep the music flowing

          We've seen some cool digital pianos here at Music Experience, but Yamaha continues to up the game with included features that make practice and performance the way music is supposed to be: fun! For instance, a Dual Mode lets the player combine two voices together to create interesting compliments. For practicing, engage the Duo Mode to split the keyboard into two halves so teacher and student can play at the same time. Lastly, a volume limiter keeps an eye towards hearing protection, lowering the volume of the instrument whether you're wearing headphones or playing out loud.

          Traditional Meets Modern

          The Arius YDP-105 is designed in the tradition of classic piano craftsmanship, making it the centerpiece of any room. Enjoy all of the benefits of digital piano technology with classic piano furniture aesthetic.

          Sound That Inspires

          The YDP105 is designed to provide perfectly balanced sound throughout the piano's range. Revel in the superb sound of stereo-sampled instrument Voices such as a Yamaha grand piano delivered through newly designed speakers in rich harmonic detail that makes any musical endeavor—whether practice or play—a truly inspiring experience.

          Authentic Acoustic Piano Touch And Half-damper Pedal Control

          With a weighted 88-key piano action, the GHS (Graded Hammer Standard) keyboard reproduces the touch of an acoustic piano, from a naturally heavy feel in the lower range to a lighter touch in the upper octaves. The GHS keyboard provides a grand piano-style response and feel, allowing rapid note repetition and authentic expressive control. Moreover, there’s a half-damper feature that authentically replicates the damper action on a grand piano, providing rich expressive variation.

          Reproducing The Resonance Of An Acoustic Piano

          Damper Resonance reproduces the broad, deep sound field of an acoustic piano. It also mirrors the tonal changes that result when a damper pedal on a grand piano is depressed. It includes sounds such as those emitted from the key bed and emulates the cumulative resonance that occurs when all of these sounds blend together.

          Enjoy Built-in Songs, Along With Intuitive Operation And Score-viewing With The Smart Pianist App.

          The YDP-105 features an authentic grand piano sound, along with 9 other built-in instrument Voices including electric piano, organ, vibraphone, and strings, along with 10 famous built-in classical songs. The YDP-105 is also compatible with the free Yamaha Smart Pianist app—simply download the app to your smart device and connect it to the instrument*. The Smart Pianist app allows easy operation of the various Voice functions of the instrument and makes it simple to call up a range of scores—including scores for the built-in songs. It also features a powerful Piano Room function for changing the tonal quality and resonance settings of the piano sound, as well as a recording function. *Requires a cable connection. Be sure to purchase the correct cable for your smart device.

          Stylish Design Matches Your Room Interior

          While based primarily on straight lines, the design of ARIUS pianos incorporates elegant curves that are typical of a grand piano. Moreover, you can choose your favorite color to suit your room interior and personal preference.

          Limiting The Maximum Volume

          A new Volume Limiter function lets you set a fixed maximum volume level, to regulate the sound volume to your preference over the speakers or headphones.

          Play Along With A Partner – In The Same Octave

          Duo Mode makes the instrument two keyboards in one, letting two players play the same piano sound and octave range side-by-side. This is especially useful when learning with a partner, letting you learn and practice parts together.

          Yamaha Arius YDP-105 Digital Home Piano Features:

          • 88 Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) keys provide realistic acoustic piano feel
          • Detailed, full-stereo AWM sampling provides deeply rich grand piano sound
          • Volume Limiter keeps volume at a safe level whether its out loud or through headphones
          • Combine 2 voices together to create inspiring new sounds
          • Duo mode splits the keyboard into two identical sections — great for student lessons
          • A variety of preset songs are provided for your listening pleasure
          • Make adjustments quickly and analyze your favorite songs with the Smart Pianist app
          • Connect to your computer or mobile device via USB for expanded functionality

                    Number of Keys 88
                    Type of Keys GHS Weighted, Graded Hammer Action
                    Touch Sensitivity Hard, Medium, Soft, Fixed
                    Presets 10 x Sounds, Yamaha CFX Concert Grand, Electric Piano, Organ, Vibraphone, Strings
                    Polyphony 64 notes
                    Number of Effects Volume Limiter, Reverb
                    Effects Types 4 x Reverb
                    Song Playback 10 Voice Demo songs, 10 Piano Preset songs
                    Metronome Yes
                    USB 1 x Type B
                    Headphones 2 x 1/4"
                    Pedal Inputs 1 x pedal input
                    Number of Pedals 3-pedal unit (damper, sostenuto, soft)
                    Built-in Speakers 2 x 4.7"
                    Amplifier 2 x 6W
                    Software Smart Pianist app (iOS)
                    Bench/Stand Included Stand, Bench
                    Power Source PA-150 12V (included)
                    Height 32.08", 38.14" (with music rest raised)
                    Width 53.42"
                    Depth 16.61"
                    Weight 82 lbs.
                    Manufacturer Part Number YDP105R