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Yamaha BB735A - Dark Coffee Sunburst

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5-string Electric Bass with Alder/Maple Body, 5-piece Maple/Mahogany Neck, Rosewood Fretboard, and 2 Single-coil Pickups - Dark Coffee Sunburst
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At first glance, the Yamaha BB735A 5-string bass is a workhorse instrument capable of a wide range of bass tones. Look a bit closer, and you'll find a slew of innovations that make it a truly unique bass. Its 6-bolt miter neck joint transmits more string vibration to the body for impressive sustain, as does its Vintage Plus bridge with diagonal body-through stringing. The BB735A's switchable active/passive circuits deliver impressive sonic versatility, with automatic level matching for both circuits. Factor in stainless steel hardware to resist corrosion over the years, and the Yamaha BB735A is truly a bass to treasure for a lifetime.

Yamaha BB735A 5-string Bass Guitar at a Glance:

  • Alder / Maple/ Alder Body Construction
  • 6-Bolt Miter Neck Joint
  • 5-piece Neck
  • YGD Custom V7 Pickups (AlnicoV)
  • 3-Band Active EQ
  • Battery Alert LED
  • Vintage Plus Bridge : Convertible Bridge and Saddle
  • Lightweight Open Gear Tuners

Impressive sonic control and active/passive operation

With its specially tuned active/passive circuit, the Yamaha BB735A boasts a sonic range that has impressed bassists at Music Experience. The switchable active/passive circuit features a level-matched output, which means you won't have to adjust your output volume when changing circuits. In active mode, you have comprehensive sound-shaping potential with the 3-band EQ. In passive mode, the treble control becomes a master tone control. And instead of a selector switch, a blend control allows you to find the perfect balance for its YGD Custom V7 pickups.

Innovating basic concepts

When it comes to building a better bass, Yamaha took nothing for granted with the BB735A. For example, the bolt-on neck is joined to the body with six bolts, two of them mitered (joined at a 45-degree angle). Yamaha's engineers determined that this offers more efficient transfer of vibration, leading to improved sustain and resonance. The innovation continues with the Vintage Plus bridge with diagonal body-through stringing, where strings pass through the body to the bridge at a 45-degree angle. This reduces stress on the string and also contributes to better vibrational transfer.

Convertible saddles offer two distinct voicings

The Vintage Plus bridge actually offers multiple stringing options — you can pass the strings through the body at a 45-degree angle or pass them through the tail end of the bridge. And whichever you choose, you can further dial in your tone via the convertible saddles. Each saddle has a rounder side for a slightly softer sound and a more angled side for a slightly tighter tone. And with the ability to convert each string's saddle individually, you can fine-tune your bass tone on a per-string basis with this bridge.

What Yamaha Says...

Music isn't just something you “do” anymore— it's your life. Every time you get on stage or hit the record button you've got to feel content in the knowledge that you’re playing an instrument with the versatility, durability, and superb sound that will guarantee your performances are consistently on point. Combining the crisp, penetrating tone, and serious flexibility of active pickups with the punch and sustain of a 6-bolt miter neck joint, the 700 models can be relied on to deliver an extraordinarily versatile sound that you can adapt to any genre or environment.

Alder/Maple/Alder Body Construction

The new BB features an Alder/Maple/Alder multi-laminated body construction. The hard maple center increases body stiffness and accentuates midrange to cut through the mix of a band, and allows a more uniform transmission of vibrations between the body and the maple neck for unparalleled resonance and sustain.

6-bolt Miter Neck Joint

Miter bolting holds the neck closer and tighter to the body fusing these two separate components into one. Compared to a conventional bolt-on joint, miter bolting offers more efficient transfer of string vibration throughout the body, for improved sustain and outstanding resonance that brings every note to life.

YGD Custom V7 Pickups

Alnico magnets produce a fat yet penetrating tone that works in combination with the unique Alder/Maple/Alder construction of the 700 and Pro models for an organic, well-defined sound.

Active Circuit

The new BB700 models feature a specially tuned active/passive circuit for fine tonal control and extreme flexibility. This updated circuit has been retuned for the BB for a crisper tone and improved mids via a level-matched output whether in passive or active mode and tone-switching circuitry that seamlessly moves from treble control to master passive tone. High-quality gold plated parts are used for key signal chain contacts, providing increased conductivity and reliability and a battery alert LED installed on the back panel gives instant indication of low power to eliminate sudden power loss during performance.


The 700 models feature active pickups with a 3 band EQ, a pickup balancer, and an active/passive switch, for enhanced versatility and flexibility when shaping your sound.

Convertible Bridge and Saddle for Precise Tone Shaping: Vintage Plus Bridge

The 700 and Pro are equipped with the Vintage Plus Bridge, which incorporates “Diagonal Body Thru Stringing,” where strings are angled at the saddle and pass through the instrument to the bridge at a 45º angle, as opposed to the traditional vertical stringing method which places more stress on the strings. Diagonal Body Thru Stringing significantly reduces this stress while transferring string vibration to the body reliably and efficiently. Strings can also be set to the tail end of the bridge, which comes equipped with a convertible saddle that can be adjusted to 2 different angles for more precise tonal shaping and feel. The rounder side of the saddle gives a slightly softer sound, while the more angled area produces a slightly tighter one. The brass saddle of the Vintage Plus Bridge delivers a slightly deeper low-end, and the steel bridge plate offers a brighter tone. All screws and springs are made of stainless steel to guard against corrosion.

Five-piece Neck

The new series features a 5-ply maple and mahogany laminated neck, in a bolt-on design that delivers a sharp attack, and quick response. This durable construction resists warping and twisting and adds the tight, penetrating character of maple combined with the warmth of mahogany to the instrument’s tone.

New Neck Shape

The New BB models feature a slightly thinner neck than previous BB basses, improving playability and feel for both modern and traditional players.

Leightweight Tuners

Lighter weight tuners offer a better balance and complement the overall feel, providing a perfect match for the smaller, lighter body of the new BB.

Yamaha BB735A 5-string Bass Guitar Features:

  • Alder/maple/alder multi-lam body construction for maximum tonal impact
  • 6-bolt miter neck joint for improved vibrational transfer from strings to body
  • YGD Custom V7 pickups with alnico magnets for an organic, well-defined sound
  • Active/passive tone circuit with volume matching for consistent output
  • 3-band EQ in active mode, treble control becomes your master tone control in passive mode
  • Pickup blend knob for dialing in your ideal pickup combination
  • Vintage Plus bridge with diagonal body-through stringing for better vibrational transfer
  • Convertible saddles offer 2 distinct voicings that you can set per string
  • Brass saddles for deep low end, steel bridge plate for added brightness
  • All screws and springs are stainless steel to resist corrosion
  • Lightweight tuning machines for improved balance

Yamaha's BB735A 5-string bass delivers great sound and amazing playability!

Body Shape
Yamaha BB Doublecut
Left-/Right-handed Right-handed
Number of Strings 5
Color Dark Coffee Sunburst
Body Material
3-piece Alder/Maple/Alder
Body Finish
Gloss Polyurethane
Neck Material
5-piece Maple/Mahogany
Neck Shape
Fingerboard Material Rosewood
Fingerboard Inlay Bars
Number of Frets 21, Medium
Scale Length 34"
Nut Width 1.692"
Nut Material
GraphTech Tusq
Vintage Plus String-thru Bridge with Convertible Brass Saddles, Steel Plate
Light weight, open gear
Number of Pickups 2
Neck Pickup
VSP7n Alnico V Split-coil
Bridge Pickup
VSC7b Alnico V Single-coil
1 x master volume, 1 x pickup balance, 3-band Active EQ, Active/Passive switch
D'Addario EXL 45-130
Case Included
Gig Bag
Manufacturer Part Number