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Yamaha Clavinova CVP-909PE Digital Home Piano - Polished Ebony

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88-key Arranger Console Digital Piano with GrandTouch Action, Genos Sound Engine, Onboard Digital Effects, Color Touch Panel, Accompaniment Styles, Follow Lights Library, and Stereo Speaker System - Polished Ebony
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The CVP-900 series of digital pianos retains the expressive capability and playing feel of a grand piano while offering the ability to perform with the sounds of a diverse array of musical instruments. Play with the backing bands provided by the accompaniment Styles, sing along with your performance, or enjoy the pure freedom of the piano—the CVP-900 series lets you do it all.

          The experience of playing with a full backing band, all from this one instrument

          The CVP-900 Series comes with an array of Styles (accompaniments) featuring authentic instrument Voices created with the latest Yamaha technology and automatically providing accompaniments perfectly matched to your performance. This series lets you go beyond simply playing the piano, offering the opportunity to perform in an ensemble together with a variety of instruments for even more musical enjoyment.

            An authentic grand piano experience offered by a combination of tradition and technology

            The CVP-900 Series gives you more than great sound; it gives you the entire experience of playing a grand piano. Enjoy nuanced tonal variations in response to the way you play the keys, true-to-life reproductions of keyboard and pedal feel, and even the acoustics felt when you sit in front of a grand, all amounting to an authentic piano experience.

            An extensive range of features offering endless enjoyment

            Connect a microphone and sing along as you play, follow along with built-in songs that are known around the world, and connect to an App to record your performance; the CVP Series comes with a variety of functions all packed into a single instrument, offering endless ways to enjoy music!

            Auto Backing Styles

            Equipped with 675 Styles that provide automatic accompaniment for your performance in a broad range of categories including pop, rock, country, jazz, soul, and latin. Enjoy playing by yourself with a backing band, or create arrangements in a variety of genres.

            Musical Instruments Voices

            From breathy saxophones to ringing guitars and warm, resonant strings, the CVP Series features an impressive collection of natural instrument Voices. Thanks to acclaimed Super Articulation technology, the distinctive characteristics of each instrument are reproduced in incredible detail as you play.

            A Range of Built-In Popular Songs

            Featuring 413 popular songs and classical pieces known around the world, CVP Series instruments even display the score while you perform. Guide lamps at the top of the keys will even show you which keys to play, making these instruments ideal for practice.

            Piano Room

            In addition to allowing you to choose from a range of pianos, including both acoustic and electric instruments, the touch panel display lets you access different performance spaces such as halls and cathedrals, each with their own distinctive reverberation. Intuitive operation makes it easy to choose just the perfect piano sound for any piece.

            Sing Along With Clavinova

            Just connect a microphone to the CVP to enjoy singing along as you play. The CVP lets you enjoy performing, offering harmonies and choruses for your voice, and allowing you to select the preset song and cancel it out. For songs with built-in lyric data, you can download and install the Smart Pianist app on your smart devices to display lyrics, which change color as you play through the song to make it easy to know when you should start singing.

            Sophisticated Piano Playing Experience

            The piano quality of the Clavinova is a marvelous combination of more than a century’s know-how, accumulated from our acoustic piano making, with the latest digital technology—all designed to give you the finest playing experience. The CVP-900 Series offers playability approaching that of a grand piano as well as beautifully expressive sound, inspiring you and motivating you to even greater musical heights.


            Featuring the latest GrandTouch™ Keyboards with a broad dynamic range of touch and response on the level of a grand piano. Excellent consistency and nuanced expression give the pianist the utmost control over touch.

            Grandtouch™ Keyboard

            Yamaha’s latest keyboard action features a broad dynamic range and faithful response to every nuance of touch that puts a wide expanse of tone—from delicate to bold—at the pianist’s fingertips. The highly consistent grand piano hammers replicate the pleasing response felt when the hammers strike the strings, enabling precise control of the tone. Highly absorbent synthetic-ivory white keys and synthetic-ebony black keys prevent slipping even during extended play and feel just like those of a grand piano. GrandTouch™ Keyboard features wooden keys that showcase Yamaha’s expertise with wood for pianos. Just as with grand piano keyboards, the solid wood is cut from the very best parts of well-dried lumber, making the keys more resistant to warping than keyboards made of laminated wood. The wooden texture and structure of the keys create a more grand piano-like feel.

            GrandTouch™ Pedals

            GrandTouch™ Pedals offer the unique friction felt when using a grand piano pedal, heavy when pressed and light on the return. They also feature a mechanism with the fulcrum in a similar position to that on a grand piano, bringing the playing experience that much closer to a grand.

            Leverage Artistic Expression

            When playing a digital piano, the back area of the keys may prove to be a challenge to full musical expression. This is the same support length found on the Yamaha S3X premium grand piano.

            88-key Linear Graded Hammers

            Every single key on a grand piano keyboard is weighted differently. This is because the strings for each note are slightly thinner and shorter in the treble register, becoming thicker and longer towards the bass register. The 88-key Linear Graded Hammers of the Clavinova is the first-of-its-kind to faithfully duplicate this graded touch with differing weights and key return on each one of its keys. This results in a feel and response that is astonishingly like that of a grand piano, and allows players to gain an appreciation of a more authentic touch.

            Key Counterweights

            Counterweights are embedded in the keys of a grand piano to balance the weight of the hammers and offer more precise control when playing delicately at low volumes. The Clavinova features carefully adjusted counterweights for improved playability when playing pianissimo with a light touch, and better key return in rapid passages. The keyboard of the Clavinova has been fine-tuned to offer optimal balance, emphasizing its superb playability and grand piano response.

            Grand Expression Modeling

            The interaction and interplay of the hammers, dampers, and strings inside a grand piano respond to the subtlest nuances of the pianist’s touch, creating a limitless range of tonal expression. Touch refers to the pianist’s control, not only of intensity (softness/loudness) in playing and releasing the keys, but also of the speed and depth with which the keys are pressed. The Grand Expression Modeling introduced in the CVP-900 Series translates the widely varied input from the pianist’s fingers into the same limitless tonal variation of a grand piano. This makes it possible to vary the output by playing the keys to different depths and with different speeds, even when using techniques such as trills or legato or emphasizing the melody over the accompaniment. Grand Expression Modeling excels at faithfully reproducing the output expected of these techniques in many well-known songs. In Debussy’s “Clair de Lune,” a loose touch creates the faint tone that makes the melody stand out more crisply. In Liszt’s “Un Sospiro,” the accompanying arpeggios accent the melody without overwhelming it, and varied expression of the melody gives it the same quality as vocals. In the last of the Chopin nocturnes, trills, legato, and other delicate techniques where fingers seem to float over the keys deliver the airy, smooth tonal expression required. Playing such pieces on a highly expressive piano helps the pianist learn various techniques and experience the same joy of expression as a painter, but through sound.


            Grand Expression Modeling is a groundbreaking new technology that enables pianists to use their techniques to produce the limitless tonal variation unique to grand pianos. The ability to vary the intensity and speed of touch to produce different tones adds another dimension to the joy of musical expression.

            Sound Quality

            Virtual Resonance Modeling performs real-time modeling of the sympathetic resonance created by the behavior of the strings and body of the instrument—the foundation of the beautiful sound of a genuine grand piano. Also, the latest acoustic design technology delivers lifelike concert grand piano tone and resonance to your home for you to enjoy.

            Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial Voices

            Clavinova grand piano sounds are recorded from several world-renowned concert grand pianos. One of them is the CFX, Yamaha’s top-flight concert grand piano. Pianists around the world are enamored with the impressive, dazzling, richly expressive sound of the CFX in concert halls. Another sampled concert grand is the Imperial, the flagship model of Bösendorfer, a time-honored Viennese piano brand with an ardent following. The Imperial is known for its abundance of color and natural, warm feeling. Yamaha faithfully reproduces the idiosyncrasies of these concert grand pianos by carefully recording the entire tonal range of each of the 88 keys, making minute adjustments to capture the most harmonious tones each piano has to offer.

            Virtual Resonance Modeling

            In a grand piano, sound resonates throughout the body of the instrument, producing a rich reverberation that envelops the listener in sound. This phenomena is reproduced perfectly in the Clavinova through Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM). It calculates the various states of the strings for each of the 88 notes on the keyboard, from one instant to the next, and timing and depth of damper pedals pressed. This technology allows for vivid, bright, richly-varied expression that reflects the limitless number of factors inherent in piano performance.

            Great Piano Sound, Even When Using Headphones

            Binaural sampling is a method of sampling in which special microphones are placed on a mannequin’s head in the same positions as the pianist’s ears to capture piano sounds the way that they sound in reality. We chose this method to create the ambience and full, natural resonance of acoustic pianos in Clavinova pianos. This makes pianists feel as though they are sitting at a grand piano even when they play with headphones on. The experience is so pleasant that they forget they are wearing headphones, no matter how long they continue to play. On CVP-900 Series pianos, binaural sampling was used for the Bösendorfer Imperial as well as the Yamaha CFX. Yamaha achieves higher-definition binaural sound with a specially developed mannequin head and model ears used for the recording. We also developed the Stereophonic Optimizer function to achieve the same effect for the piano effects. Stereophonic Optimizer technology replicates the natural diffusion of sound in headphones nearly as closely as binaural sampling for the piano voices other than the CFX and Imperial.

            Grand Acoustic Piano

            Yamaha's latest acoustic design and measurement technologies have been used to reproduce the sound field and imaging of a grand piano within the compact form of a digital instrument. The design focuses on the unique way that a grand piano radiates sound into the surrounding space, recreating the positional relationships heard in the sound of a grand piano with unerring accuracy. The CVP Series is designed to ensure that the piano sound stands out well when played as a solo instrument or when played together with accompanying Styles. The monitor speakers to the left and right of the control panel deliver a powerful sound that help the player to feel like they are playing with a band.

            3-Way Speaker

            This powerful 3-way system features mid and treble units, as well as bass speakers, which are available only on the CVP-909 and all units are optimally balanced and placed accordingly in the body to simulate the sound image of a grand piano.

            Spruce Cone Speaker

            Drawing from our experience in building both acoustic pianos and high-end speakers, the CVP-909 speaker cones use pulp from the same spruce wood used to make acoustic piano sound boards. The result is a more natural, piano-like attack to the sound that is more piano-like when you play the keys.

            Smart Pianist

            Smart Pianist is a free application for use with Yamaha digital pianos that can analyze any commercially available songs you own. On the CVP Series, it features an “Audio To Score” function that creates piano accompaniment scores automatically. This single application will help you enjoy life with your piano a whole lot more.


            Use the Rec'n'Share app to connect your instrument to a smart device, and then create and share audio and video recordings of you playing along with your favorite songs. *The CVP-900 Series does not support the Android version of Rec'n'Share.

            Connect Wirelessly for Bluetooth® Audio

            You can play music through the audio system on the CVP-900 Series* by using a Bluetooth-enabled smart device. You can stream audio data such as mp3 files. You can enjoy playing along with your favorite songs on your smart device. *Availability of Bluetooth audio varies by country.

            Multi-Track Song Recorder

            The recording function featured in Clavinova digital pianos allows you to record your performances* with a single touch, which is useful when you want to review your playing objectively. Additionally, you can record up to 16 tracks for simultaneous playback, so different hands can be recorded separately or overdub parts with different voices. *Recordings are made in MIDI format, and can also be recorded to USB flash memory. Compatible software is required for playback of recorded data on a computer.

            USB Audio Recorder

            Record performances to USB flash memory and create audio files* you can save and play back on a computer, share with friends. *Data is saved in WAV or mp3 format.

            In addition to the outstanding expressive capabilities of a piano, the flagship model CVP-909 comes with a wealth of the best Styles and Voices that the CVP Series has to offer.

            Yamaha CVP-909 Clavinova Digital Piano Features:

            • Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial piano samples, Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer binaural sampling
            • VRM (Virtual Resonance Modeling)
            • Grand Expression Modeling
            • GrandTouch™ Keyboard with counterweights, 88-key Linear Graded Hammers
            • GrandTouch™ Pedals with GP Response Damper
            • 675 Styles
            • 1,605 Voices + 58 Drum/SFX Kits + 480 XG Voices
            • 413 Songs
            • (40 W + 30 W + 20 W) × 2 + 80 W amplifiers
            • Grand Acoustic Imaging
            • (16 cm + 5 cm + 2.5 cm (dome)) × 2 + 20 cm speaker system, Spruce Cone Speaker, Twisted Flare Port
            • Multi-track MIDI recording (SMF format 0)
            • USB Audio Recorder (Playback/Recording: WAV, MP3)
            • TFT color LCD (touch screen), 9.0 inch 800 x 480 dots
            • Smart Pianist app / Rec'n'Share app connectivity
            • Built-in Bluetooth® audio

                      Number of Keys 88
                      Type of Keys
                      GrandTouch weighted wooden keys with Escapement
                      Touch Sensitivity
                      Soft 1/2, Medium, Hard 1/2
                      1315 Voices, 49 Drum/SFX kits
                      Polyphony 256
                      Number of Preset Styles 525
                      Effects Types
                      65 x Reverb, 106 x Chorus, 5 x compressor, 90 x User
                      Sequencer 16-track
                      Song Playback
                      50 Classics, 303 Lesson Songs, 60 Popular (SMF)
                      16-track, 3MB/Song (SMF)
                      USB Flash Drive
                      Audio Inputs
                      1 x 1/8", 1 x 1/4" (mic/line)
                      Audio Outputs
                      2 x 1/4" (L/L+R, R)
                      1 x Type B, 2 x Type A
                      MIDI I/O
                      Yes, v4.1 (audio)
                      2 x 1/4"
                      Pedal Inputs 1 x 1/4" Aux pedal
                      Number of Pedals 3 - Sostenuto, Soft, Damper and Play/Stop functions
                      Built-in Speakers
                      (16 cm + 5 cm + 2.5 cm (dome)) × 2 + 20 cm
                      (40 W + 30 W + 20 W) × 2 + 80 W
                      Bench/Stand Included
                      872 mm (34-5/16")
                      1,429 mm (56-1/4"")
                      612 mm (24-1/8")
                      Weight 85 kg (187 lb, 6 oz)
                      Manufacturer Part Number CVP909PE