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Yamaha Genos2 76-key Arranger Workstation with Stand & Speaker System

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76-key Arranger Workstation with Aftertouch-enabled FSX Keybed, 1,990 Voices, 75 Drum/SFX Kits, 800 Styles and 9" TFT VGA LCD Touchscreen
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When Yamaha's flagship Genos digital arranger workstation hit the market several years ago, it was a game changer, and legions of keyboardists, composers, and songwriters jumped onboard. Now, the second-generation Genos2 assumes the mantle with more great updated sounds, accompaniment styles, and effects; fresh, innovative features; and a host of technical improvements that make it the new 800-pound gorilla of performance arranger workstations. And while its actual weight is a gig-friendly 31 pounds, the Yamaha Genos2 is nevertheless a beast. Boasting unparalleled sample quality, cutting-edge styles, and pro-level connectivity, Genos2 defines the state of the art in songwriting and performance keyboards. Topped off by extensive onboard MIDI and audio recording facilities and seamless DAW integration, the Yamaha Genos2 is the only keyboard you need to ace an important gig.

Indulge your passion for making music 

If your passion is composing original music, arranging professionally produced tracks, or simply playing your favorite songs, Genos2 is your go-to instrument. It gives solo musicians on a quest for perfection the highest-quality sound and style content, along with unprecedented real-time, hands-on performance control. With 800 Accompaniment Styles on tap, you have your pick of the best musicians for your backing band in any genre, making it easy to individualize your music while exercising control over chord changes and arrangements. This functionality is made all the easier with Chord Looper, which lets you record chord progressions for the Style engine to loop, freeing you to experiment with two hands or to solo without having to comp the changes. Yamaha’s Voice & Style Expansion Packs let you further customize your Genos2 with an abundance of additional content from around the world.

Expedite your creative process

Genos2 puts you in complete control over composition and performance. With its large, crisp 9-inch LCD color touchscreen, assignable knobs and faders with their own LED parameter status sub-displays for real-time feedback, and a silky 76-note, aftertouch-enabled FSX keybed, you’ll instantly find and tweak the perfect sounds and whip up an authentic-sounding arrangement in any musical genre. As you layer your compositions, Genos2 will astound you with its ability to handle massive, lavish arrangements with poise and panache. Simply put, Genos2 expedites the creative process, which can be painfully cumbersome on other arrangers that are not as meticulously designed. To your delight, you’ll find the well-thought-out design extends to every aspect of music creation. And then there are the sounds — which are totally amazing!

A massive, premium soundest

Yamaha's premium CFX and C7 concert grand pianos are jaw-dropping in their lifelike realism. Recorded in world-class studios, Revo! Drums leverage unprecedented multi-dynamic sample layers and round-robin wave cycling to deliver the most breathtakingly realistic MIDI drums ever offered in a keyboard. Ambient Drums are sampled to include both close mic and room mic audio that you can blend to taste. Non-keyboard instruments are superbly rendered by Yamaha's acclaimed Super Articulation 2 sound engine, which realistically replicates the expressive nuances of instruments such as flute and guitar. A generous 384 voices of polyphony ensures there will be no note stealing, no matter how complex the arrangement. And with instant access to 1,990 instrument presets and 75 drum kits, you'll never run out of killer sounds. To quickly access your favorite configurations, Registration Memories provide an efficient way to save and recall panel settings such as Voice, Song, Pattern, and Style.

Enhanced DSP for studio-grade effects

All Genos2 sounds benefit from multiple advanced effects engines. Yamaha engineered Genos2 with enhanced DSP for a banquet of studio-quality effects that sound downright stunning. Included are meticulous models of coveted vintage rack and stompbox units as well as classic guitar and bass amps — all of which take full advantage of the gorgeous 9-inch TFT color LCD touchscreen with intuitive, high-definition displays that mimic the actual devices. These great-sounding effects include Yamaha's VCM (Virtual Circuit Modeling) — the very same technology used by the studio-grade processing on the company's high-end digital consoles.

Powered by leading-edge tech

As Yamaha’s flagship arranger workstation keyboard, Genos2 is packed with the company’s latest analog, digital, and hardware technology and will serve as the platform for future Yamaha keyboards. Though the original Genos broke considerable ground upon its introduction, technology marches on. Indeed, digital keyboard design has advanced dramatically in the ensuing years. In that interim, Yamaha engineers have been diligently at work designing its successor, incorporating the latest tech as well as user feedback and select feature requests into Genos2. Improvements from the original Genos include.

  • Upgrade 384-note Max Polyphony
  • Upgrade 1,990 Voices + 75 Drum/SFX Kits
  • Upgrade 800 Accompaniment Styles
  • New FM Tone Generator
  • New Steinberg REVelation Reverb
  • New Style Dynamics Control
  • New Built-in HDMI Out
  • New Rec’n’ Share App compatibility
  • New Bluetooth connectivity

Authentic ensemble performances for true divisi playing within a section

The Ensemble Voices feature re-creates string, brass, and wind ensembles by intuitively mapping the instruments to their appropriate ranges for authentic-sounding ensemble performances. Previously, a Voice such as Brass Quartet would use a sample of four players. If you played two notes, however, you'd suddenly have eight players — which could be cool, but perhaps not entirely realistic. In Genos2, Ensemble Voices always give you the same number of players because Yamaha instilled this instrument with the musical knowledge of a professional human music arranger. Play two notes with a Brass Quartet Ensemble Voice, and Genos will intelligently send the trumpets to the top notes and the trombones to the lower notes. We love it!

Record polished vocals with ease

When it’s time to lay down a vocal, plug your condenser mic into the XLR jack, switch on 48V phantom power, and you’re ready to roll with a studio-grade signal chain the quality of which is unprecedented in a keyboard. Yamaha’s VH2 vocal harmony engine is onboard to adorn your vocal performances by adding up to three virtual background singers, complete with pitch correction, synth vocoder, and other effects for a polished, professional sound. Yamaha built Genos for songwriting and performance. The swoopy, dynamic visuals of its svelte chassis are quite alluring from the audience perspective; yet to the player, its clean, no-nonsense layout is designed for unfettered creativity. At Music Experience, we get our hands on many sophisticated keyboard instruments, and the Genos2 has mightily impressed the discerning keyboardists here. From its superior ergonomics and productivity-boosting features to the off-the-charts quality and mammoth size of its soundset, the Yamaha Genos2 lays claim, once again, to the title of “ultimate performance arranger workstation.”

What Yamaha Says...

A masterclass in musical innovation, the Genos2 embodies our commitment to raising the bar in the world of music. As the Yamaha flagship arranger workstation, the Genos2 provides outstanding sound quality and unparalleled performance for the passionate DIY musician. No matter your musical goals, you’ll find nothing compares with the capability, the features, and the all-around groundbreaking (and jaw-dropping) experience of Genos2.

From Tribute to Timeless

For the music enthusiast and solo performer, we present the new Genos2: a game changer in Arranger Workstations. Incorporating our legendary sounds along with the most cutting-edge technology, Genos2 is the pinnacle of our flagship line, giving you the highest quality Voice and Style content with unmatched real-time control. For those who want to be the ultimate cover band, or those who want unlimited possibilities in composing and arranging original music, Genos2 brings an entirely new musical dimension to playing.

Genos2 gives you unparalleled depth and breadth of sounds, inspired by the songs you love to play and perform. You'll have access to a library of Voices & Styles allowing you to customize your sound however you see fit. You can also explore an incredibly vast amount of music genres in the expansive library that offers endless avenues for your creativity. Plus, our instrument sampling and vertical integration guarantees superior consistency and quality. Whether you’re crafting original masterpieces, or covering crowd favorites, you’ll always create music in the most authentic way possible.

Reign Supreme Over Your Sound

The Genos2 isn’t just a powerful instrument; it’s a command station, making you the ultimate authority over all aspects of your music. Style Dynamics allows you control over every nuance of accompaniment, from the softest whisper of a backing band to its roaring crescendo. The magic of Genos2’s Real Ambient Drums brings Styles to life like never before with the feel and atmosphere of live drums in a variety of environments. For example, you can shift from the raw intensity of a direct drum beat to a cavernous, echoing room in an instant. And AI chord mode intuitively guides your accompaniments based on what you play. You’ll sound like a full band is following your every note – even though it’s only you on stage.

Genos2. Where Stars Are Born.

Elevate your vocals and amplify your voice with our professional-grade microphone input with studio quality effects, engineered to refine and amplify your voice while making every note resonate with crystal clarity. And for those moments when it's not just about playing, but also belting out your favorite tunes, Karaoke Lyrics On-Screen ensures that you never miss a beat—or a lyric. Embrace your inner performer – and let Genos 2 be the best backing band you’ve ever fronted.

Performing is Easier Than Ever

With advancements blended seamlessly with a sleek and elegant design, performing music is almost effortless.

Everything you need for intuitive control

The Live Control Surface features customizable knobs and sliders that allow for quick, on-the-fly adjustments during performances, or while fine-tuning arrangements. The knobs and sliders are a convenient way to control many aspects of your performance. Genos2’s updated Live Control surface now has LEDs to indicate, at a glance, the position of controls, which now also include a ‘catch’ function, reducing the risk of unintended operation during performance.

Big, bright, clear displays

Updated main and sub-displays are easy-to-read no matter your playing environment. At the center of Genos2’s operation is the large 9-inch touch screen which is now brighter, includes an anti-reflective coating and has been tilted an additional 5 degrees towards the player. Additionally, the sub-display now includes selectable light and dark modes. So whether you’re performing indoors, outdoors or under stage lighting, the Genos2 displays will be clearly visible.

Organize Sets with Playlists

Genos features an intuitive interface for music making and sound creation. Playlist is the best way to organize Registration Memory banks into convenient Playlists for instant recall during performance. With the updated user interface, Playlist entries can be sorted A to Z, or Z to A, you can jump alphabetically through Playlist records as well as filter for a specific term in the records. If you are importing MusicFinder records from an older instrument, the Style name will be automatically included in the new Playlist record name.

Vocal Harmony 2

With Vocal Harmony 2, you can automatically add gorgeous, multilayered harmonies to your voice (in perfect pitch, of course). You can easily apply various Vocal Harmony presets to your voice which can enhance your singing experience by adding several harmony parts and effects. Whether you want to sing as a standard duet, jazzy quartet or a big choir, the choice is yours. In addition, you can be creative with the Synth Vocoder whereby you can manipulate synthesized sounds just by singing into the mic. The mic will pick up the characteristics from your voice, such as the formation of vowels, and feed that information to the Synth Vocoder shaping the synth voices. Vocal Harmony gives the performer a wide range of vocal expression and possibilities which can be enjoyed at home or on stage.

Never Worry About Forgetting Words Again

If your MIDI or Audio tracks include lyrics data, you’ll clearly read all the song lyrics on Genos2's vivid display. And with the HDMI port, you can connect to a larger monitor. Perfect for Karaoke or those with an extensive repertoire! Connect your Genos2 to an external display or tv using the new HDMI port. Perfect if you’re entertaining a crowd or hosting a party, you can instantly show the lyrics of your MIDI and Audio songs for everyone to see and sing-along. In addition, you can also mirror the main display or view a musical score, which can be useful if you're playing in a duo or band.

Let Loose with Chord Looper

With Chord Looper, you can loop the chord progressions of the song, freeing you up to solo or experiment – without worrying about playing the changes. The new panel buttons provide quick access to recording and playing back chord sequences in realtime. Whether you wish to free up your left hand to play full piano, build up sections of a song or practice a difficult piece of music, the Chord Looper enables you to store up to 8 chord sequences in each bank for easy access during your performance. You can create an unlimited number of banks with your own chord progressions, or choose from a range of built-in presets.

Expand Your Enjoyment

With a wide range of apps and expansion content available for downloading, you’ll get even more out of your Genos2

Premium Pack

Personalise your Genos2 with a growing library of free Expansion Packs, including exclusive Premium Packs for Genos2. Genos2 includes Expansion memory, which means new Voices and Styles can be added in the future. By simply registering your Genos2, you can download the DX7 Pack, which adds to the preset Voices, completing the collection of 128 original Voices from DX7. In addition to exclusive expansion packs for Genos2, there’s already a growing library of free Voice & Style Expansion packs for you to choose from. The packs providing everything from new Voices, Styles, One Touch Settings to MultiPads, enabling you to personalise your Genos2’s content.

Go Wireless via Bluetooth®

Play along with music, streaming wirelessly to Genos2 from your Bluetooth device. With your Bluetooth device connected wirelessly to Genos2, you can enjoy to play along with your favourite songs or even record everything you hear, using the onboard audio recorder.

Streamline Your Setup with USB Audio

With Genos2’s built-in USB Audio Interface, stereo audio data can be sent and received with just a single USB cable. The new USB Audio Interface allows for studio-quality audio to be recorded using the Rec’n’Share app or any DAW with just a single USB cable. Great for sharing your performance with your friends or for high quality music production.

Transform MIDI Files into Your Personalized Style

With Genos2, you can easily change standard MIDI files into dynamic, full-fledged Styles, complete with intros, endings, and transitions. The magic begins by dragging and dropping your MIDI file into the application. In Easy mode, the conversion to a Style is automatic. Simply save the result and play the Style on your Arranger Workstation. In Edit mode you can personalize how your Style is created. For example, choose which tracks from the MIDI file should be used in your Style. Specify which regions of the MIDI file are used to make each of the style sections, or even revoice and remix to craft your perfect Style.

Yamaha Genos 76-key Arranger Workstation Features:

  • Aftertouch-enabled FSX keybed
  • 9" TFT VGA LCD touchscreen display
  • Assignable knobs and faders with individual OLED parameter displays
  • 256 voices of polyphony handles large orchestrations without note stealing
  • 1,652 Voices and 58 Drum/SFX Kits
  • Yamaha's premium CFX and C7 concert grand pianos
  • Revo! Drums leverage multi-dynamic sample layers and round-robin wave cycling for ultra-realism
  • Non-keyboard instruments are superbly rendered by Yamaha's acclaimed Super Articulation 2 sound engine
  • Style Creator lets you quickly create and customize Styles for instant recall
  • Enhanced DSP delivers a broad range studio-grade effects, including classic rack and pedal units
  • Automatically apply Vocal Harmony effects; use Synth Vocoder to shape synthesizer sounds
  • Ensemble Voices map instruments to their appropriate ranges for authentic-sounding ensemble performances
  • Registration Memories provide an efficient way to save and recall panel settings
  • Onboard 16-track sequencer
  • Mic input on XLR combo jack with available +48V phantom power
  • USB-to-Host port for connection to computer or mobile device
  • 3 USB-to-Device ports for recording to/playback from flash drives
  • 58GB internal user drive
  • Wireless LAN capabilities
  • Headphone jack
  • Onboard metronome
  • 3 foot pedal jacks
  • Included Music Rest and IEC AC power cable

Yamaha GNS-MS01 Genos Speaker System Features:

  • 2.1 Active Monitor Speaker System for Yamaha Genos
  • Designed to deploy the awesome sonic power of Genos
  • 2 x 20-watt Satellite Speakers
  • 1 x 40-watt Subwoofer
  • Easy setup with no cable mess
  • Visually complements the sleek lines of your Genos

Yamaha L-7B Genos Keyboard Stand Features:

  • Matching black stand for your Genos workstation
  • Minimalist design
  • Stable without hogging space
  • Plenty of legroom to pull a chair under
  • "L" brackets and soft grips keep your Genos performance stable
  • Dimensions: 41" wide x 27" tall x 20" deep

          Number of Keys 76
          Type of Keys Full-sized
          Other Controllers 9 x Faders (assingable), 6 x Knobs (assingable), 9 x Buttons (assingable)
          Polyphony 256 max (128 preset, 128 expansion)
          Presets 1990 Voices, 75 Drum/SFX Kits
          Memory 15GB Internal
          Storage USB Flash Drive
          800 Accompaniment Styles
          Effects Types Reverb, Chorus, DSP, Master Compressor, Master EQ, Part EQ, Vocal Harmony, Synth Vocoder
          Audio Recording/Playback WAV (16-bit, 44.1kHz)
          Audio Inputs 1 x XLR-1/4" combo (mic), 2 x 1/4" (aux)
          Audio Outputs 2 x 1/4" (main), 4 x 1/4" (sub)
          USB 2 x Type A, 1 x Type B
          MIDI I/O 2 x In/Out
          Headphones 1 x 1/4"
          Pedal Inputs 1 x 1/4" (volume), 1 x 1/4" (sustain), 1 x 1/4" (articulation)
          Software Rec'n'Share App
          Power Supply Standard IEC AC cable
          Height 5.94"
          Width 48.58"
          Depth 17.95"
          Weight 31 lbs. 31 oz.
          Manufacturer Part Number GENOS