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Yamaha P-143 Digital Piano - Black

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88-key Digital Piano with GHC Weighted Keys, 64-note Polyphony, 10 Voices, 2 x 7-watt Speakers, Headphone Output, and Pedal Input - Black
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Get to know our team of experts! This article wasWritten By Our Product Research Team Get to know them! Deciding to learn the piano is an exciting moment fondly recalled by all who dive into the instrument. You can ensure an unforgettable experience by choosing Yamaha’s P-143 88-key digital piano! Suited for beginners or pianists who don’t have room for an acoustic in their space, the P-143 offers classic Yamaha sound, 88 weighted GHC (Graded Hammer Compact) keys, 64 notes of polyphony, and quality built-in speakers. Compared to previous models, the P-143 doubles down on simplicity, offering minimal features and putting the focus on a highly playable instrument offering an authentic experience. It also features a shorter, thinner body, ideal for compact spaces and tight budgets. Fuel your desire to learn with the Yamaha P-143!

    GHC keys offer an acoustic-piano-like feel

    Play a few notes on the P-143 digital piano, and you’ll find it has a delightful, nuanced feel. Yamaha has a long and storied history of developing acoustic and digital pianos that inspire players, and the P-143 is more of the same. This GHC (Graded Hammer Compact) keyboard replicates the praised keyboard of previous P Series pianos, but with a more compact design. These keys are up to the task of beginner classics, contemporary pop songs, and more, thanks to their consistent accuracy, graded weight, and realistic sound production.

    Imbued with the sound of Yamaha’s CFIIIS grand

    Ready to keep you inspired for years to come, the Yamaha P-143 offers users the sound of a full grand piano: the CFIIIS. The sampled sound exudes a bright, transparent tone and spacious treble encompassed with a solid sonic feel. This slim digital piano also offers a damper resonance function, reproducing the same sonic qualities as a damper pedal on a genuine acoustic piano for an even fuller sound. While the P-143 has many attributes passed down from its acoustic counterparts, it goes without saying this piano won’t need tuning!

    All the features you want, none you don’t

    Yamaha gives you the power to practice anytime, anywhere. With its stylish design and economical size, the P-143 can fit in any room and can even travel with you when you’re on the go. The most compact member of the P Series, this digital piano will add a delightful personality to any room. An optional soft case gives you peace of mind during transportation, and a weight of less than 25 pounds keeps it compact. Rather than integrate a touch panel, Yamaha kept the interface straightforward and opted for a set of tangible controls that anyone can use and navigate. Plus, the built-in 7-watt speakers in the back of the P-143 deliver well-balanced sound wherever you go. Want to keep the volume down? Plug into the headphone jack for silent practice. Music Experience tip: this is an excellent feature for apartment living! Lastly, for those wanting to record and share their practice and performances, Yamaha thought of that, too. Given the Rec’n’Share function, you can simply connect your smart device via cable to the instrument and share to platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and more!

    Get more out of your digital piano with the Smart Pianist app

    Like many of Yamaha’s digital pianos, the P-143 can open up an exciting world of expanded digital features when you connect it to the Smart Pianist app. Using your digital piano and the Smart Pianist app on a smart device, you can access educational tools like piano lesson pieces. You can practice exercises, download PDF scores, or play right along with your favorite songs with generated chord progressions. The Smart Pianist app also allows you to change piano voices, adjust reverb, and fine-tune many other piano settings.

    What Yamaha Says...

    The Yamaha P-143 is an entry-level model in the P Series that is ideal for beginning players. Equipped with only the essential tones and functions, this is a compact portable digital piano that offers the enjoyment of authentic performance. Compatible with the optional FC3A foot pedal.

    The entry-level model of the P Series. Perfect for beginners with a serious interest in playing the piano!

    Yamaha’s P Series digital pianos are loved by piano players around the world who want the comfortable feel of an acoustic piano in an instrument with a more manageable size and weight. The P-143 offers the minimal number of features in the P Series, focusing on offering a highly playable and authentic experience thanks to its simple design and ease of operations. Compared to its predecessor, the all-new P-143 features a much shorter and thinner body design with a simple yet more modern and compact style. Our newly developed GHC (Graded Hammer Compact) 88-key keyboard is built to uncompromising standards and offers the same weighted acoustic piano-like playing feel as the GHS (Graded Hammer Standard) keys used in previous models in the P Series.

    We recommend this model for:

    • Beginners with a real desire to start playing the piano, who are unsure of what instrument to select
    • Players who are looking for a weighted keyboard that feels like an acoustic piano
    • People who want a piano in their house but don’t have much space for it

    Newly developed GHC (Graded Hammer Compact) keyboard offers a realistic playing feel

    One of the main concerns of piano players when purchasing a digital piano is related to the feel of the keyboard when they play. Some of the things that players are specifically concerned with include whether they can feel the weight of the keys in their fingers as with a weighted acoustic piano keyboard; whether the keyboard will respond accurately when they play quicker passages; whether there are any inconsistencies between how hard they play the keys and the sound that results; and whether the keyboard offers a sufficient soft-to-loud dynamic range. The GHS keyboards used in the P Series thus far have received high praise from customers for the excellent balance and ease of playing that was mentioned above. The newly developed and more compact GHC (Graded Hammer Compact) keyboard on the new P Series reproduces the playing comfort of its predecessors in every way. Further, the keyboard unit is more compact than in previous models, while still offering an outstanding playing feel!

    This model features the sound of a Yamaha full concert grand, the CFIIIS: the origin of Yamaha’s premier concert grand pianos, the CFX. The sound was sampled from a piano with a bright, transparent tone with a spacious treble and an overall solid sonic feel. In addition, the P-143 features a damper resonance function that reproduces the rich resonance sound you hear when pressing the damper pedal, for an even fuller sound. We hope that you will enjoy the profoundly deep character of this instrument’s sound, so characteristic of that of a real grand piano. It goes without saying that this instrument doesn’t require tuning.

    One trouble that plagues pianists is that the acoustic piano is not an instrument you normally carry with you wherever you go. Another issue is that traditional pianos are often too large to fit into a room. The P-143 provides a brilliant solution to these problems. With its stylish design—the most compact in the P Series—this model blends well with the decor of any room. With the optional soft case, you can take the P-143 with you to the studio, to a party, to live gigs, or on a trip—whenever you need it.

    The P-143 features 10 Voices. In addition to string Voices that sound beautiful when layered over piano tones, you can enjoy the sounds of various keyboard instruments such as concert grand pianos, electric pianos and organs. The P-143 also features Accordion and Di Zi Voices.

    The P-143 comes with 20 preset songs, including 10 demo songs that are appropriate for each Voice, such as grand pianos, electric pianos, pipe organs, Harpsichord, Accordion, Di Zi and so forth. We encourage you to listen to these demo songs, which cover a variety of genres from light classical to baroque masterpieces, R&B, pop music and more, to get an idea of how the P-143 opens up possibilities for your musical expression. You can preview the Voice demo songs at the bottom of this page.

    One of the greatest advantages of a digital piano is the ability to practice while listening to what you play through headphones. This solves the problem of not wanting to disturb family members or neighbors when you play, not to mention eliminating the need for them to hear you’re playing when it’s not at its best. The P-143 also features a metronome, which is essential for practice. With these features, you can enjoy playing at your own pace, whenever you like.

    We recommend using the metronome if you want to practice along with a fixed tempo.

    Have you ever been in a session with a band and felt that your sound was being overpowered by the other instruments and getting drowned out in the mix? Worry no more—the P-143 is equipped with a Sound Boost function that switches to a punchy and powerful sound for such situations.

    By linking the P-143 with Yamaha’s dedicated “Smart Pianist” digital piano app, you can intuitively perform all operations on the P-143 from the screen of your smart device. There’s no longer any need to pull out the manual to see how things work. *When connecting a smart device to a musical instrument to use the app, you can either use a cable or connect wirelessly using the Yamaha UD-BT01 (sold separately; for iOS only).

    The P-143 is a design that perfectly embodies the expression, “less is more.” Most people who love playing the piano as their instrument don’t want a lot of rarely used features. The P-143 offers a simple, modern form factor to meet the needs of such people.

    This model uses physical buttons rather than a touch panel, making it easy for anyone to operate the most essential functions. Aside from piano sounds, we have carefully selected only the most frequently used sounds, including keyboard instrument sounds like electric piano, pipe organ and harpsichord, as well as strings.

    The position and angle of the speakers on the back of the P-143 have been adjusted to replicate the sounds reflected from the soundboard and lid of an acoustic grand piano as closely as possible. These adjustments let you enjoy playing with sharp and clear mid- to high-range tones and a prominent low-end for a well-balanced sound, even when the P-143 is set up against a wall.

    The Smart Pianist app mentioned above comes with PDF scores of 303 classical pieces for practice such as Bayer, Burgmüller, Czerny, Hanon and more, which you are free to display and use on the screen of your smart device.

    For those who want to really play the piano instead of enjoying it casually on a tabletop, we offer an optional L-100 stand and LP-5A three-pedal unit. Using the stand provides stability, proper height, and correct posture when you play, and adding the three-pedal unit lets you enjoy a more authentic style of performing. We offer the LP-5A three-pedal unit and the FC3A foot pedal, both of which support half-pedaling. Select a pedal to suit your needs and budget.

    If you want to take a video of your performance and share it on platforms such as YouTube and TikTok, Rec’n’Share is the way to go. Connect the P-143 to your smart device, and record both video and audio at the same time to complete your video. * A cable connection is required. Make sure to purchase the correct cable for your smart device.

    Whe optional stand can be easily and safely assembled, when purchased separately. When purchasing the dedicated stand, please purchase the L-100, which is compatible with the P-143.

    Yamaha P-143 Digital Piano Features:

    • 88-key digital piano perfect for serious beginners and those wanting a compact, straightforward digital piano
    • Shorter, thinner body than the P Series pianos that came before
    • Button-style interface is easy for anyone to use
    • Graded Hammer Compact (GHC) keys bring the beloved acoustic feel from past P Series instruments but with a more compact quality
    • 2 x 7-watt built-in speakers deliver balanced sound
    • Packed with the gorgeous voice of one of Yamaha's premier grand pianos: the CFIIIS
    • Connect your smart device to use with the Smart Piano app and unlock even more settings and educational tools
    • Max polyphony of 64 offers plenty of sonic real estate for serious beginners
    • 10 engaging voices to choose from
    • 10 voice demo songs and 10 piano preset songs
    • Easily record a song and share it via Rec'n'Share

              Type Digital Concert Piano, Black
              Sound Engine
              CFIIIS Premium Grand Piano Voice
              Number of Keys
              Graded Hammer Compact
              Type of Keys
              Hard, Medium, Soft, Fixed
              10 voices, 10 Piano
              Effects 4 x Reverb
              Audio Lineout None
              1 x 1/4" TRS
              USB 1 x Type B
              MIDI I/O
              Bluetooth Yes
              Pedal Inputs 1 x 1/4" (sustain)
              Built-in Speakers 2 x 4.72"
              Amplifier 2 x 7W
              Recording via Rec'n'Share App
              Software Yamaha Smart Pianist App
              Power Supply PA150 Adapter (included)
              Accessories Owner’s Manual, Music Rest
              Height 129 mm (5-1/16")
              Width 1,326 mm (52-3/16")
              Depth 268 mm (10-9/16")
              Weight 11.1 kg (24 lb, 8 oz)
              Manufacturer Part Number P143B 889025142359