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Zildjian K0800 K Zildjian Cymbal Pack

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4-piece Cymbal Pack with 14" Hi-hats (Pair), 16" and 18" Crashes, and 20" Ride
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Zildjian's K Series Pack cymbal package adds the classic sound of K Series cymbals to your kit! The K Zildjian Pack includes a 14" K HiHat pair, a 16" K Dark Thin Crash, and a great-sounding 20" K Ride. Plus, Zildjian sweetens the deal with a free 18" K Series Dark Crash! The cymbals in the K Zildjian Pack give you deep, shimmering sounds that work incredibly well for a wide vareity of styles. The traditional finish will develop a fine patina over time, contributing to the complex tonal character. The storied history of Zildjian goes back more than 380 years; here's your chance to make some history of your own, with the Zildjian K Series Pack!

      Serious drummers rely on Zildjian

      With Zildjian K Zildjian Box Set cymbals, you're in good company. Zildjian cymbals power the top end of countless hit records. They provide the shimmering sheen on the kits of the rhythm-keeping elite. From Steve Gadd and Dennis Chambers to Dave Grohl and Lars Ulrich, top drummers rely on Zildjian. You can, too (affordably), with the Zildjian K Zildjian  Box Set.

      What Zildjian Says...

      The K Zildjian Cymbal Pack features cymbals with that sought-after traditional K sound.

      Zildjian K0800 K Zildjian Cymbal Pack Features:

      • Cast bronze
      • Category: K Zildjian Series
      • K HiHat pair
      • 16" K Dark Thin Crash
      • 20" K Ride
      • Bonus 18" K Dark Crash
      • Weight: M
      • Finish: Traditional finish
      The Zildjian K Series cymbal package puts genuine Zildjian quality in your kit!

          Worship K Pack
          K0823 14" K Hi-hats
          Crash 1 K0902 16" K Dark Thin Crash
          Crash 2 K0904 18" K Dark Thin Crash
          Ride K0817 20" K Ride
          Material B20, Cast Bronze
          Manufacturer Part Number K0800 642388306680