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Zildjian S13MPR S Mastersound 13" HiHats

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13" Hi-hats with B12 Alloy, Hand Hammered, Bright Finish, and Balanced Tone
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Zildjian's 13" S Series Mastersound Hi-hats are engineered to give today's drummers a feel and tone that will sit comfortably in most genres of music. They're made from a B12 alloy that offers a specific balance of lows, mid frequencies, and highs. And the S Series Mastersound Hi-hats are hand hammered and fully lathed to ensure you get a precise weight, feel, and sound. The Zildjian 13" S Series Mastersound Hi-hats will give your kit a new sound that sits well in any style of playing. Many Music Experience drummers have been swearing by Zildjian for a long time. Now you can, too.

      What Zildjian Says...

      For an even bolder S Family HiHat sound, the Mastersound Hats feature a more cutting, pronounced "œchick" from hammered grooves that vent air quickly. Mastersound HiHats feature a hammered outer edge bottom cymbal, which not only prevents air lock, but creates a lively, fast “chick” sound and an overall balanced tonal presence. Choose 13” diameter for more control and articulation, or 14” diameter for a versatile range of frequencies and full-bodied response.

      Zildjian S13MPR S Mastersound 13" HiHats Features:

      • Hammered outer edge creates lively, fast "chick" sound
      • Prevents air lock
      • Overall balanced tonal presence
      • 13" size for more control and articulation
      • Modern-sounding hi-hats
      • B12 alloy sounds balanced
      • Fully lathed to optimize weight, feel, and sound
      • Bright finish helps the shimmer come through
      The Zildjian 13" S Series Mastersound Hi-hats are a great addition to any drummer's kit.

          Top Weight
          Bottom Weight Medium
          B12, Alloy
          Sound Bright, Full-bodied
          Volume Project
          Sustain Medium
          Pitch High
          Balance Blend
          Bell Size Small
          Manufacturer Part Number S13MPR 642388314807